David Blaine Kicks Ass

Hang yourself (an American) inside a plastic box over a city full of angry British people who don't like America for what they're doing in Iraq-- brilliant! Then, starve yourself in the box for 44 days for no reason-- genius! Then get eggs thrown at you by crazy British anti-American protesters! Yay! Wait, there's more! Get giant paintballs shot at you and have people play with your water supply as you suffer from the pain of self-imposed hunger! It gets better! You are an obvious target for terrorist radicals who hate America and have a few RPG's (that's Rocket Propelled Grenades, not role playing games you dumb shit). Yep, I am already wetting my pants because I am in in shock of the overwhelming amounts of publicity you are about to get, at the expense of your personal health and the poor fishes of the Thames river who you have to piss on everyday. Nice job, asshole.

David Blaine is a publicity-hungry selfish dickhead. No, that's too much of a compliment for him, since he dreams of the day he'll finally be able to experience having a boner. That gay motherfucker needs to get a life. Doing stupid tricks just to get some publicity. Why doesn't he go do something more useful like maybe do magic shows for charity instead of killing himself in a box? I'll tell you why. It's because he's a sick greedy bastard who doesn't give a damn about anyone but his one inch dick. And to all of you assholes who actually followed him in his 44-day ordeal, good job. You're giving him what he wants. YOU ARE BEING USED. WAKE UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

Some British girls were saying on TV after Blaine finally came down that he was "inspirational". Bullshit. Inspirational my ass. The only thing this crap inspires is hate, and lots of it. If anyone finds this inspirational, fine. I hope you're inspired to lock yourself in a box and starve yourself. Then when you finally come out after 44 days and you're weak as hell, I'll kill you and eat you. If you would hang yourself over a city with no food for 44 days, you're probably a worthless dipshit with nothing to do. You deserve to die. People who starve themselves for publicity should be eaten.

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