What the hell is wrong with people? Why do they watch stupid bullshit video tapes of people lifting dumbbells? Too stupid to figure out how to grasp a 3 pound weight in your hand and then elevate it? Too stupid to figure out how to do a push up? If you answered yes, then you should shove a stick of dynamite up your ass and blow it up. You must be a fucking asshole if you need to buy a video that that teaches you little more than how to run.

The people who make these so-called “fitness videos” are making literally MILLIONS OF DOLLARS off your fat ass. Sure the video tape case may read “We want you to feel good about yourself” and if you believe it, then you need to be shot. THOSE SELFISH CORPORATE BASTADS DON’T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU LOSE WEIGHT OR NOT. They just market stupid products to stupid people LIKE YOU and you are stupid enough to buy that crap. Maybe the videos would help a little if you actually did what the videos told you to do, rather than sitting on the couch while eating gallons of ice cream. Just watching the videos doesn’t help you lose weight. As a matter of fact, it actually helps you GAIN weight. Maybe if you really wanted to lose weight, you could get off your fat ass and DO SOME EXCERSISE, you lazy bastard. Oh, and have you heard of the 3 meal day? Yes, that’s right, people eat 3 meals, not 8. And a meal does not consist of soda, donuts, and cream puffs. Maybe if you do what normal people do (you’re not normal, you’re fat) you wouldn’t look like a fucking elephant.

And quit wasting your money on bullshit weight loss pills. I’ve noticed a trend with the athletes that use weight pills: they’re the one’s that fail piss tests. There is a message in that (as in don’t take that shit.) But get this: there are actually people stupid enough that think that the more pills they take in one day, the skinnier they get. Can’t they read the damn label? Fucking incredible. Oh wait. Maybe they can’t read because their fat is covering their eyes. Anyway, the people who take 50 pills in one day usually die for overdose. Hold on, that’s brilliant! We should kill all the fat people by telling them to take 100 pills everyday! I can’t believe nobody thought of this before. The fat people need to die. They smell, sweat all the time, they suck up my air, and they shit all over the place. I’m tired of this. Damn them all to hell!

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