There are a lot of people in this word who should die. Since I can't put all of them on this webpage, I've narrowed down my list. Enjoy!

1.) Julia "Butterfly" Hill
Oh my. What an ass. For those of you who don't know who Julia "Butterfly" Hill is, she's a stupid neo-hippy who spent two years living in a tree to protest tree chopping. When she finally came down, she only did so reluctantly since she liked having sex with the wild animals. And when she returned to her tree and found that there was a crack in it, Julia broke down and cried the fucking Amazon river. OH NO, A CRACK! The crack didn't even threaten the tree! People don't need stupid hippies in their way, especially when their cutting down trees to make homes for people. No one cares about the stinking animals. People are more important than them. I say we cut down all the trees and then barbecue all the killed animals. Then Julia would die of a broken heart and then we can barbecue her.

2.) Susan Sarandon
Now this bitch really pisses me off. Not only is she a traitor to the United States by not supporting our troops (which is equal to wishing them harm) and her acting is shitty. What the hell was "The Banger Sisters"? I thought it would be a bunch of lesbians having a gangbang but NO! It was just another shitty feel good chick flick. Bitch. I say the US should make an artificial island and call it a country and make Susan Sarandon the ruler. How's "Traitor-bitch Land" for a name? Then we can declare war on Traitor-bitch land and and nuke it out of the water. Not only will we be killing Susan Sarandon, but we'll aslo be pissing off environmentalists by killing thousands of fish! How can my plan get any better, you ask? We can monitor it in real time from a satellite camera and watch it while eating baby meat pizza.

3.) President LB Johnson
Oh wait... he's dead....oh well, I'll just kill him again.

4.) Michael Jackson
This gay molester son of a bitch doesn't deserve a penis. I bet it falls off all the time, just like his nose. Next time his nose falls off and he bends over to get it, someone should chop his head off with a chainsaw. And what the hell is with the rest of his face? It lookes like something I barfed out after I hear Celine Dion sing.

5.) Carson Daly
This guy can go join Susan Sarandon in her country. He's an ass. A democrat ass. And what's with his bulging eyes and his messed up face? That head is so big it's almost as big as my dick. And something that big deserves to be slapped. Therefore, all the hot babes in the world can slap my dick while everyone else slaps Carson's face. Then he'll look even more deformed and it'll be so grosss that I'll barf even more and it'll look like Michael Jackson's face.

I'm getting tired of these people. We should kill them. Die.

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