MTV is full of crap. It sucks gigantic amounts of elephant cock. In fact, I wrote a poem bout how much I hate MTV:

Yes, I hate MTV
TRL is stupidity
Too much Britney Spears and rap
Reuben and Clay are gay
They masturbate all day
All of MTV is crap

Seriously, MTV is bullshit. MTV isn't even about music anymore. It's about marketing Britney Spears' boobs and a 25-year old who's dating a 40-year old slut and plays pranks on other celebrities. Then after watching that, you get slammed with bullshit about a group of people who live in the same house and bitch/argue over some arrogant skank (The Real World), then after that you get a show that rips off the Bachelor because MTV is run by plagiarizing bastatrds (Dismissed), then to top it all off a show about losers who can't get off their ass and do something themselves (Made). People who watch this shit need to get a life. In the end, the MTV excecutives don't give a damn if you like watching Jackass better that you like watching Doggy Fizzle. They just sit back in their leather excecutive chair (funded by viewers via their cable bill), while eating yet another viewer-funded donut and sipping viewer-funded coffee and laugh their ass off about how stupid you are. You sit in fron of the TV captivated by the appearance of Britney Spears' boobs, while paying your cable bill that pays for the MTV producers' Jaguars and BMWs. If you want to watch boobs, watch porn.

Last time I checked, MTV stood for Music TeleVision, not Britney-rap-other-popular-modern-music-with-designer-clothing-marketing-bullshit-and-the-life-of-a-dumbass-newlywed-celebrity-couple Television. That's right, the channel where you watch dumbasses play pranks on celebrities isnt't called BROPMMWDCMBATLOADNCCTV. It's MTV, or Music TeleVision. That means all music, not just Justin Timberlake's black-wannabe crap. So why doesn't MTV play classical music, or the Beatles, or Elvis as much as they rerun Christina Aguilera videos? Because if they don't show that hip-hop crap, MTV will surely lose popularity and with lower ratings, how can the producers pay off their new $8000 suit designed by some designer fag in Paris? Wake up. MTV is biased. Turn that shit off. I'm gonna shoot the next person says "bling-bling" or any variant or derivative of it.

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