So one day I was getting a ride from my friend's cousin. He was one of those morons who aren't black, but try to be by listening to rap music, wearing headbands, sagging their pants, and saying things like "Word", "Dog", and "Word up, dog". We were going home on the freeway when he turns on the CD player, cranks up the volume, and bullshit rap got pumped through the speakers. It was horrible. The background music was shitty, because it sounded like someone was pressing numbers on the phone to a crappy drum beat. The "rapper" was just reciting incoherent phrases that don't exactly rhyme, and he was going on and on about screwing "biatches", being a "playa" with "mad-ass skillz", drinking alcohol, having a few nice "rides" with hydraulics and gold rims, rolling in heaps of cash, and having a bunch of "bling-bling" on his neck and fingers. He's an idiot, I say. Who gives a shit about how many diamond chains you have? It's already enough that the radio is filled with shitty love songs, but now I have to sit through your conceited bullshit about parties that are "off da hizzle fo shizzle dizzle". What the hell does that mean anyway? What the hell are you talking, Ethiopian? Damn them. We spend millions of dollars on taxes to pay for the quality education of our nation's students, and then morons like Snoop Dog come by swinging their gold chains while talking in ebonics and the next thing you know, the only thing that kids will say is "Yo dog I ma gonna bounce cuz I ma fuk me a Asian ho, biatch." Stupid rich bastards. They can go to hell.

Then later I saw an interview on TV with the same rapper saying stuff about how he grew up poor in the "prawjeks", and that he was a "gangsta". He gives a bunch of "shout outs" to his "brothas" and "home dogs" (which are actually his producers, not old friends from the streets), and then claims that he remembers his early life as humble and poor kid on the streets. He said that he'll never forget his poor life, or the people in the "hood" that he grew up with. BULLSHIT. He's actually in an LA club dancing and rapping and drinking his ass off, NOT remembering anyone from from his hometown. After going "clubbin'" for about 7 hours, he goes back to one of his 5 Hollywood "cribs", drinks some more "gin n' juice", watches some porn, masturbates, tries to walk downstairs for more tequila, but finally falls asleep on the stairs, completely content about his life and contemplating which hooker he's gonna hire to put in his next music video. Remembering the "dayz n tha hood" my ass. The only thing he's trying to remember is the name of the 14 year old girl he raped so that he can bribe the family not to tell the cops. He swims in cash while the guy who helped him get started back in the streets can't even pay the bus fare to take him to the next alley so he doesn't get shot in the ass. Instead of blowing your money on worthless bullshit like gold rims or an extra house, why not support the people in "tha hood"? Why not help your homies, huh, dog? Maybe it's cause you're a selfish bastard. I wouldn't be surprised if the people in the streets go to church everyday and pray, "Oh my Jesus, I be starvin and my only heater be my cigarette butt. I helped that little boy get big, and he repays us wid nothin'. He grew up and now he be a selfish little shit. Please, Jesus, kill him. Make him choke on his damn polish saussages! Kill him, and I'll become a minister. AMEN, MA BROTHA!"

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