The principal at my old school sucked ass. She was an old bitchy hag. She was the worst principal ever because she was a robot. She killed all the good teachers and replaced them with robots that punished the boys by electrocuting their balls and punished the girls by zapping their titties. All this went on while the principal gave head to the school's computer guy. (This guy was a real human; how can anyone pop a boner by looking at a robot?)

And that's why my old school is shit. The students sit at their desk and try to study while the robot teachers keep zapping our balls and turn us into sex slaves and some students try to look at internet porn and the computer guy finds out so he sends a virus to that one computer but he forgets that all the computers are connected to a network so the virus attacks all the school's computers and the computers start exploding just as the picture of the naked lady is downloaded and other students are making out in the back of class so the robot teacher begins to go crazy and chainsaws people's heads off and this is all going on while our moms are at work screwing their bosses in hopes of getting a promotion but they fail and end up hanging themselves because their pay is shitty and because they find out that our dads are also screwing their bosses while our robot principal is giving head to the computer guy and the semen goes inside the robot and starts to mess up the wiring and the robot begins to shortcircut, and that causes all the other robots to shortcircut and fall apart and then all the robots explode at the same time and it destroys the school and the explosion kills everyone inside the school except for me because I am way too young and sexy to be killed in an explosion and only stupid people die in robotic explosions anyway. Go to hell.

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