People are just too damn stupid these days. Sometimes I wonder if people will get so stupid that people will just walk into walls and wonder why they don't get to the other side. There was this one idiot who tried to walk to school but he got lost because he was too busy chewing gum. What the hell? People at the movie theaters were asking me what the showtime for their movie was when it was ON THEIR DAMN TICKET. If you just pull your head out of your ass and look you will find out what your goddamned showtime is. And get this: one time at my old school there was someone so stupid and lacking in common sense that when he went to take a shit, he missed the toilet and the floor got covered in his watery excrement. Sick bastard, I should have killed him when I had the chance. I also know people who don't know how to spell "rude". True story. There was this stupid kid in my class who was insulting this other person who was rude to the teacher. So I said to the stupid kid, "Shut up you fat pig. I bet you don't even know how to spell 'rude'." And the stupid preson was like "Yeah I do, it's spelled 'R-E-W-D'". That asshole got me so pissed I took a shit in his mouth (which killed him) and I barbecued his legs and ate it.

And this one other time some person forgot how to breathe so he died and I ate him too.

Then there are people who can't figure out anything; they don't know how to operate a search engine or flush a toilet. If you don't know how to flush a toilet, then you're pretty much a piece of shit and you need to be flushed down too. Then there are the people that put tape on their baby brother's face for fun (that means you, Valerie). I wonder what you do when you're not putting tape on your brother. HMM, maybe you bang your head on the wall because you like the sound it makes. Or do you stare at the floor for fun? I'm too pissed at these stupid morons to keep typing. These idiots need to packed into a giant cannon and launched into the ground. Maybe then they'll come to their senses.

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