E-mail in response to the Dateline NBC segment:

May 7, 1998

    Good evening,I'm Jonathan King in Cincinnati, Ohio. I purchased a
1991 Chevy Blazer as a used vehicle about 4 yeras ago, in great
condition. Now I have a truck that looks like a refugee of the Hundred
and One Dalmations, due to Chevrolet's Paint Delamination Problem. Blue
paint is continually falling off the truck even as I drive, and in fear
of more paint receeding, I don't even wash it anymore. I am sure each of
you knows what this is like.

    I spoke with Carey Aqel at Chevrolet concerning this problem
(800-222-1020x4916) we negotiated for a few minutes via the phone, and
she agreed to settle my claim of the paint delamination for $1,300. Ok,
so it actually took a few days to make it happen, and I had several
totaling over $3,000 to repaint the truck correctly, but she agrred to a
dollar amount. She sent a registered letter saying we will pay you the
$1,300 but you have to sign this letter saying you already had the car
repainted, and these are not estimates of cost. I told them no, I cant
sign that you know it's false, and not true.

    I called Carey again, and she said we cannot pay your claim because
your truc is out of warranty? What does my truck's IN or OUT of warranty
got to do with you agreeing there is a paint problem, offering a
settlement to rectify the problem, sending a letter for me to sign to
accept your offer, and then saying because I will not lie I don't get
the money that is due to me?

    I hope each of you read this carefully. Chris Hanson from NBC
Dateline in New York called me and askedif and when they do a followup
this summer would I like to be a part of it. Of course I said yes, first
because General Motors has to right to bully it's cutomers, and
second...because I am silghtly egotistical and want to prove a point,
the little guys CAN win!

What I would like from you is an email or Phone call to the people

Has GM offered you a setlement and then refused to pay?
Are they just refusing to pay?
Are they telling you your out of Warranty, or too many miles?

Just send me the feedback so I have ammunition to go to war with General
Motors. Here is a list of people I have contacted, and you may contact
them as well to either show your support of my law suit, or just call
them to possibly settle your own claim.

Joan Allen
Ph;810-492-9161 fax:810-492-0006-- Legal Department and asst to Jim
Williams. she never answers, but she sure sends a message
FAST if you leave a voicemail.

Jim WIlliams
Ph:810-492-5348-- Senior Attoney-Head legal guy, supposidly who does not
get involved in these matters. but he called to say I'll look into it.
(sounds like it falls on his shoulders)

Mike McNimee
Ph:248-696-4903 Fx:248-696-7366 He seems to be the person everyone
leaves the paint problem on. Call him repeatedly just to
follow up and make sure things are happening.

John Middlebrook
Ph:313-556-5000 CEO for GM, get to his secratary, if nothing else a call
from anyone in his offce makes people jump in all the
other offices.

I will be keeping all of you informed if you like, just send me back an
email. If you do not wish to get any more of these from me with updates.
me so.

Thanks again,


I am so excited to find your website. I have been fighting and arguing with
Chevy dealerships since my 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity since it was 6 mos. old.
due to flaking paint. I have a scanner, and you can look forward to some
great pictures of this nightmare as soon as I get my photos back from the
photo finishing company. My car is kind of a medium sky blue.

Please post my letter up there with all those other folks who have been
mistreated and lied to by GM and the Chevy dealerships.

Thanks so much,


I leased my car in August, 1987, and purchased it in 1992.  First new car I have ever had.  First time in nearly 30 years of driving used GM or Chevy cars(and all of them older), I ever had a GM or Chevrolet product that had its paint flake off for no apparent reason.  This is a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro RS, manufactured in Irvine, CA, and marketed solely to Southern Calif. where there is no escaping strong sunlight and UV rays, even with a garage or carport which I had until Aug. 1993.  By then, the paint had already started flaking off on the top.  When I called GM's customer service line either in 1992 or 1993, I was told there was no warranty or known paint defect.

Sherry McQuate

 Many thanks for your diligence and assistance in this matter.  I am friends with a senior couple whose only new car purchase during their 41 year marriage was a blue 1992 Chevrolet Corsica.  He passed away recently .
 She does not drive and the low mileage (21K) automobile is among her limited assets. She is unable to get a fair market value for the car because of the peeling paint. GM customer service said that the problem excedes the warranty period and they will not assist.  The customer service representative firmly stated that there is no recourse of appeal within GM.
 The dealer said it is over 5 years old and they cannot assist. Thanks to you and the Dateline feature and link to your page, I know there are other options available.

 Most Sincerely,

 Mel McCane

We recently saw the NBC News Dateline program and were very happy to see that we are in good company. We have a 1990 Dodge Caravan (medium blue color) that has a paint problem. It's not as bad as some of the cars shown on the program but its very noticeable on the roof and hood of the van. We call it the "leopard- mobile" because of the spots. And its getting worse -- I am afraid to wash the car because each time I do, more paint peals off. My local Dodge dealer has dismissed the issue (we bought it used through a small mom and pop dealership -- not through a Dodge dealership). I intend to contact CAS and followup with a letter to the President of Chrysler.  We recently purchased (used from our local Dodge dealer) a 1995 Grand Caravan, and of course, are worried about the same problem. The salesman assured us that the paint problem has been rectified for the 1995 model year. Checks in the mail, right? (As a retired navy pilot with two tours in Washington DC, one in the Pentagon, I know all about bureacracy and screw-ups.) Thanks for putting up web site. I offer our family as another case for you. I also have a HP scanner and can forward photos of our "leopard skin" looking vehicle to you if necessary. Let us know if we can help in this common fight.
Thanks again.

Lance N. Tucker

Hi - I have a '91 GMC Jimmey that used  to be blue but now it is two toned
blue and "missing paint" on the hood the top and the tail gate.  "Dateline"
has really opened this up!!  I wrote to GMC in July' 96 to ask about this and
received the usual disclaimer and basically "not their problem"  - the car
was "out of warranty".  They did tell me that this was a delamination process
caused by many things.  Do you have any more info on what consumers are doing
now??  I live in WA State - any contacts you know of here?? I also talked to
the dealer here who told me the extended warranty was over!

Anne Orth

Enclosed is a picture of my black 1991 Chevrolet Corsica LT, it has
paint peeling on the roof, as well as on the hood.  It has been
well-maintained and parked in a garage most of the time. I'm afraid to
wash and wax it too often, since more paint flakes off. Maybe someone
else has the same model/year with a SUBSTANDARD paint job.

Jeff R. Smith