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NEW UPDATE : 08/19/02


Greetings to everyone visiting the Ironwood High School Drama Club Website!  Welcome back to school for the 2002-03 school year, and if you are a first time visitor, thank you for coming.  This website is run by the President of the club, Brian McCarthy.  I do not completely know how to do a website, but I am attempting and this is just to give you an idea of what’s going on... and something to look at when you are really bored...




The first meeting is coming up and it would be great for everyone interested in attending.  Many items will be brought up and this will be the meeting to start off the year for the club.  Just as a reminder, for those who forgot, this years Drama Council is:

President – Brian McCarthy

V.P. Brandon K. Baker

Secretary – Amara Hatab

Treasurer – Olivia Leavitt

Clerk – Betsy Flores


We will pick representatives for each grade soon.  That will be a matter discussed at the meeting.  If you are interested, listen in the meeting and you’ll find out.


After the main Drama Club meeting, there will be an extremely brief Thespian meeting, to go over a few things.


Immediately following that, anyone who wants to stay is welcome to stick around, play improv games and get to know everyone better.  It will be fun for those who attend.




The Fall Play


This year, the Fall Play is “The Curious Savage”.  A description of the show is available at the callboard and the show is considered a “Serio-Comedy”.  Auditions will take place in the first week of September.  If you are not in a Theater Class, it is advised you speak with Mrs. Putman-Nelson about when you should come to audition,  and every Ironwood student is welcome to come and try out.



I think that is all for this update, at least, that I can think of.  This was a brief, Welcome Back update, first meeting information update.  The site will hopefully be updated again after the first meeting to discuss what went on.


As usual, any questions, suggestions or comments about Drama Club and/or this website can be sent to:

Any e-mail I get I will be sure to answer your question quickly and to the best of my ability, so don’t be afraid to send.  Your e-mails matter.


For giggles, feel free to check out “The Legend of the Drama Club Grill”, a story from this summer that is available here.


Also, in boredom, if you enjoyed the main picture, check out, it’s good for some laughter.


Hope to see you at the meeting, that’s all for now... thanks... and don’t forget, if you haven’t already, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!


Hey, where else could I find something more bizarre than the picture on top?




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