SWC and Funky Monkey productions are proud to present the current world Champion, Captain Inconceivable and Dr Oddo in a no-holds barred match for the SWC Heavyweight title at our latest Pay-per-view SWC  INGROWN-TOENAIL.  SWC's famous ring-side presenters BB Flyingtreestump the 4th and Gung-ho Dodo Howie are already at ringside. So without wasting any time let's crossover and  view the match.

Coming soon.

  • Kate Tachyon's new book "He aint no stud" explores the fact that Captain Inconceivable may lack basic communication skills. However our number one interviewer Gung-ho Dodo Howie may be able to find the dirt on her.

"Yo.. wassup?"

  • A revealing interview by Gung-ho Dodo Howie, which delves into the reasons why Dr Oddo has turned to drinking vile blue liquids. 

Drinking problems?
  •  "The day I saw the stars" Dr Oddo's award winning documentary explores the serious psychological and physical ramifications that a series of alien abductions may have had on our hero.

"Beam me up Scotty"

With plenty more to come on SWC's PLASTIC-HEADED-SHEEP

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  • Captain Inconceivable Skin
  • Dr Oddo Skin
  • Evil Dude Skin