Doug Morris visits Tom Hornikel, Mike Klauss and Wayne Rhine,
our Cleveland colleagues of VBS and the STOP Network.

Doug and the Hornikel family "dog"
(photo by Wayne)


Doug, Tom, Mike and Wayne at bw-3 in C-Town -- before chowing down on buffalo wings!
(photo by some chick patron at bw-3)


It's more than Peanut Butter Password...
(photos by Tom and Doug)


From Cleveland, here's the game where the Lord God is king
and Lady Luck is queen. It's The Angel's Wild!

Remember, the angel *is* wild and you can turn it into any category.

Fifty... one-hundred and... one-hundred.

Risking $250.


Mike and Doug took a side trip to Pittsburgh to visit Rob McMonigal...

...who was celebrating his birthday that weekend (of Jan. 12, 2002).

Ladies and gentlemen, Rob the Mad Hatter!

Here's Rob with his girlfriend, Liz.


Finally, some pictures...

...of downtown...

...Cleveland, Ohio.


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