The Black Widow Alliance
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Is currently accepting applicants. This is alliance is a representative democracy - which means when there are enough of us, we will be electing officials and voting on certain measures. We will be deciding on lengths of terms of office and you will have more fun if you have some interest in politics and structures of governance, and you like to read. Please only inquire if you are actually interested this type of government - because we will be talking about it a lot, especially at first. Check out our ad on the IK forums and chit chat with us over there if you like.

The Black Widow Alliance is a very newly formed alliance that may hold interest for you if you would like the challenge of being in on the start of something new. It would help if you had a strong interest in democratic principles, role-playing, government, the arts, and/or civics - and a tolerance for bawdy humor or language.

Our goals are greater than simply rising to the top. We are creative, inventive, artistic, and very interested in the formation of an alliance with more than a little personality. We're looking for people who would be active not merely in the game itself - but active in the creation of a thriving artistic alliance. So an interest in or experience in RPGs would be VERY, VERY helpful.
Now Accepting Applicants! Are you tasty?
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Name: The Black Widow Alliance