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Konnichiwa mina-san!  
Welcome to our updates page!
The title says it all...
So be sure to check back here often, or you might miss something important...   
Yeah, y'all come back now, y'hear?

04/25/01: Ok, we don't have ANY pictures of Ikisosou-chan on our compu-chan...because our STUPID scanner doesn't work with our compu-chan! So, Ranpu-chan and I would be ETERNALLY grateful if one of you Digi-fans out there draw/make us a picture of Ikisosou and Ken or Daisuke! (Davis) (A love picture please, like a wedding or kissing or holding hands, you know, arigatou!) If you have the time to do so, and a working scanner, e-mail us and we'll give you the Ikisosou details! (ChibiSiouxsi@tokyopop.com) Oh, our Bios have changed also! I can't believe you guys are doing this, so...look out for Love Struck! a shrine to all the little Digimon out there that have a crush on Meimon or Ranpumon! WHAT?!?! Haha! UPDATE - The old blonde girl icon was my old character, Youji, now it's me in 01 (left) and me in 02! (right)
 05/12/01: Sorry for lack of updates guys, but I'm taking a break from Digimon for now...I'm totally obsessed with Invader Zim right now...so, some day I'll return to Digimon. I'm centered around my Zim site currently. Sorry.
05/21/01: (My sis's b-day was yesterday) WHEEEEE! Ikisuke Shrine is UP! Thanks to Cowgirl 'Em for the BEAUTIFUL picture!!!!! *laughs evilly* Grrrrr...  
06/14/01: Added my Oekaki art to the fanart page! Yay! Updated Meimon's bio, too! ^.~