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Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea

Robert A. Heinlein

So this is Karel, the best cat in the world. He's not extremely playfull (when it stops moving it' boring) but he thoroughly enjoys watching you make an efford. He loves to get lots of kisses and cuddles yet not to softly, (he' a bit of a rough diamant) and sometimes he seems to think he' a dog rather then a cat.

How it all started

I got Karel through a friend of mine. His sister had to give him up because of a very cute baby that was invading Karel's territory. Of course Karel did not like that! So now he has a new home with me since Januari 2005 and he is the king of the castle (and he knows it too!)
Before I got Karel, I told my mother and two of my girlfriends I would love to get a cat. He would have to be red and I would name him Karel. My friend, who I had told that I wanted a
cat but did not specify these details to, e-mailed me soon after I spoke to my mom with the e-mail title being 'Karel looking for home'. I opened it and saw that his sister had to give this beautiful red cat away because of the baby she had. I was stunned. Only a few days earlier I had told my mom and my friends about my wish to have a red cat named Karel, and here one was offered to me; a red cat named Karel!
Unbelievable! I still say it was meant to be. He is in
a lot of ways like me which still surprises me to this day. I love him to bits. He' my prince, my bobo and my friend, "Keizer Karel".



- Food & drinking water from the tap
- Sleep
- Running around like a maniac for five minutes a day
- Cardboard boxes
- Plastic bags
- Slippers (well, to wreck them really)

- Being bothered in his sleep
- To many hugs & kisses
- Traveling
- Not being in control