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This site is dedicated to Maestro ilaiyaraja, the legendary composer from India. Ilaiyaraja's work spans diverse styles, ranging from folk, carnatic, western to western classics. Though these are entirely different expressions of music, ilaiyaraja's songs (in any of the genre mentioned above), carry the distinct stamp of the maestro, which is tough to miss & even tougher to imitate. This site will try and share few drops from the vast musical ocean of the composer ....


A-Z Listing of Ilaiyaraja's Ragam  - A Database of Carnatic Raga Based Songs of Maestro Ilaiyaraja  


Ilaiyaragam Research Post - Research Articles on Ilaiyaraja's  Music 


The Learning Curve Series -  Raga Appreciation for Beginners - a simple guide to learn ragas with the help of raja's songs. 


Celebrity Speak - What They Said About the Maestro Ilaiyaraja


ilaiyaragam Ringtone Corner -  Ringtones of Songs, preludes, interludes, theme musics and general BGMs - the best tones for your cellphones... 


Notes for Raja Songs -  Play Raja songs in your favourite instrument, using the notes page


Talk & Discuss IR's Raga - Join Discussion Forum With Ilaiyaraja Fans Around the World


Maestro Speak - Excerpts from Raja's Books, Speeches & Interviews


Thanking The Maestro - Join Worldwide Fans of the Master to Thank Him For His Contribution to Music


Tid-Bits -  A Collection of Some Interesting Points Worth Knowing about some specific songs of maestro ilaiyaraja. 


The Tao Personified - Ilaiyaraja,  is a Living Reference for the Way of Taoism.


Ramana Maharshi & Ilaiyaraja - Dedicated to Maestro, an  Ardent Devotee of Ramana Maharshi


Music Therapy - Ragas can heal you ! Thanks to the maestro for introducing us to the mystical world of music.




Music is not my job...Its my Life - Maestro Ilaiyaraja