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The Montessori materials are an integral and core part of Montessori philosophy. They play an important role in facilitating children's cognitive development from a thorough learner to an abstract thinker

i - Learning Techniques' mission is to propagate one of the best methods of  education, the Montessori approach, by making available quality  Montessori materials at an affordable price.

Our materials are carefully fabricated in full accordance with the Montessori guidelines to create a learning environment that promotes active involvement, independence, self confidence and analytical thinking.

We participate in the Concerned for Working Children (CWC) Appropriate Education Programme (AEP). Visit them at
www.workingchild.org if you wish to understand how these learning materials may be effectively used for an urban and rural situations in order to reach a very wide range of children.
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Our Customers

"They (i-Learning Techniques' Montessori Materials) are beautiful!! Ordering via Internet is always a risk since there is no "hard copy" to see first, but I am truly delighted! Your prices are also by far the best I have found.

Thanks so much for your assistance in ordering and following up"

Mollie Heaberlin
Montessori Learning Academy