Old Shawneetown and Gallatin County, IL Ghost Towns

Guineaville, Illinois. The old site where all these people once lived looks peaceable now with no signs of the activity that was once there and all the old miners who first moved there are now dead.

Bowlesville - turn at old high school in New Shawneetown on Rt 13, go about 4.8 miles to Peabody Road, turn left about 1/4 mile to Cemetary Road, turn left about 1 mile, Hogan Cemetary is on the right. Bowlesville was in the field directly to the right of cemetary.
Here is what came up on Global Positioning System for Hogan Cemetery: Feature Name: Hogan Cemetery Feature Type: cemetery State: Illinois County: Gallatin USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Shawneetown 374010N 0881251W
Picture of the field beside Hogan Cemetery where I believe Bowlesville use to be.

Main street Old Shawneetown where all the old saloons use to be. I took this pic Sept. 20, 03 as I came into town and there sat about 50 motorcycles parked in front of a reopened saloon called Hog Daddy's. As I passed by they all came out and got on their motorcycles and took off. I guess it's so remote that nobody bother's anybody

View from opposite end of main street after cycles had left

Photo of First Bank of Illinois before Chicago was developed. President was known to have said he didn't want to invest in Chicago because it would never amount to anything. It is now only a historical site BUT STILL GRAND. Also located on Main St.

An Elegant Old House on Main St. Old Shawneetown that is about to fall in. It won't be long before it is gone.

Lewis and Clark Sign in Old Shawneetown as a reminder that Lewis & Clark did come through Old Shawneetown

Reminder in Old Shawnee that Henry Eddy and Allen Kimmel published the first issue of The Illinois Emmigrant. Illinois second newspaper in June 1818

Old home place of Henry Marshall and Bank Museum on Main St. of Old Shawneetown, IL

Photo sign of where JOHN A. LOGAN AND MARY CUNNINGHAM were married on the east side of this lot on Nov. 27, 1855 in the home of Orville Poole. Just across the levee is the Ohio River that you can see the brige to KY

Coal Loading onto Ohio River Barge's across the levee from Main St. in Old Shawnee.

The Old Slave House, Equality, IL south on Rt. 1 near Intersection of Rt. 13
Gallatin County Cemeteries

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