Level 1-12 Dun Morogh

1) I started this guide with a dwarf rogue. I am trying different classes for each guide to write them from different views. My main is a rogue so I know how to play one extremely well. I find that I kick ass a lot more as a noob with a rogue than I did as a warrior when I did the human guide.

2) It took me x hours to get to 12 and not knowing the area. If you know it any I’m sure you could do better. I did do research while making this for all of you so don’t think I just picked random stuff.

3) If you purchased the Collector’s Edition Game, Right Click your Gift Voucher and start “Welcome!”

4) Right in front of where you start accept “Dwarven Outfitters”

5) Go south around 28,73 and kill wolves for the meat then go back to 29,71 and turn in “Dwarven Outfitters” then accept “Encrypted Rune” and “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery pt.1”

6) To your left accept “A New Threat”

7) At 30,74 kill burly troggs and at 26,72 there is a camp of rockjaw troggs, kill them for “A New Threat”

8) Go back to 29,71 and turn in “A New Threat” you should be 3 now

9) Go in Anvilmar at 28,69 and turn in your classes skill npc quest which was “Encrypted Rune” for a rogue

10) Accept “A Refugee's Quandary” inside

11) Follow the road south to 22,71 and turn in “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery pt.1” accept “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery pt.2” and “The Boar Hunter”

12) Just behind him start killing small boars until you have 12 for “The Boar Hunter” then go back to 22,71 and turn it in

13) At 20,76 clear the front of the tent and grab Felix's Box for “A Refugee's Quandary”

14) At 22,80 clear in front of the tent and grab Felix's Chest for “A Refugee's Quandary”

15) Run up to 25,75 (it’s the end of the road on the map) and turn in “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery pt.2” and accept “The Troll Cave”

16) At 26,79 clear in front of the cave and grab Felix's Bucket of Bolts for “A Refugee's Quandary” then kill the trolls in and out of it until you complete “The Troll Cave”

17) Run back up to 25,75 and turn in “The Troll Cave” accept “The Stolen Journal” you should be 5 or very close to it now.

18) Go back in the cave at 26,79 and go left at the 3 directions to 30,80 and kill Grik'nir the Cold for “The Stolen Journal”

19) Return back to 25,75 and turn in “The Stolen Journal” accept “Senir's Observations pt.1”

20) Turn around and Accept “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery” and hearth.

21) Run up into Anvilmar at 28,69 and turn in “A Refugee's Quandary”

22) Go further back and turn in “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery” accept “Bring Back the Mug”

23) Get training before you leave

24) Run right to 25,75, everything is yellow so nothing will attack you, and turn in “Bring Back the Mug”

25) Head toward the tunnel and turn in “Senir's Observations pt.1” at 33,71 and accept “Senir's Observations pt.2”

26) You should be about 500 to 6 now

27) About 10 feet away accept “Supplies to Tannok”

28) Go through the tunnel and kill all the stuff on the way. Follow the road to 46,53 in Kharanos and kill stuff on the way until you’re 6. Save your boar ribs and boar meat.

29) Once at 46,53 turn in “Senir's Observations pt.2”

30) Up ahead on the right, in front of the Inn, accept “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”

31) Go in the Inn and turn in “Supplies to Tannok”

32) Go to the Innkeeper, make it your home and purchase the rhapsody malt for “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”

33) Get new skills

34) Go across the road from the Inn and accept “Tools For Steelgrill”

35) Go NE to 49,48 and accept “Stocking Jetsteam” and “The Grizzled Den”

36) Go to the left house and turn in “Tools For Steelgrill”

37) By the tree out front accept “Ammo For Rumbleshot”

38) Go to the small camp at 44,56 and open the box for “Ammo For Rumbleshot”

39) From around this camp to the SW kill boars and bears until you finish “Stocking Jetsteam” and “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”

40) If you’re having trouble finding boars, just go to around 40,65 there is a lot.

41) Go into the grizzled den at 42,54 and kill wendingos until you get 8 manes for “The Grizzled Den”

42) You also wanna head out to 40,65 and turn in “Ammo For Rumbleshot” watch the scene it’s cool, only if you aren’t time running. You should be 7 or very close now

43) Hearth back to Kharanos

44) Just outside the Inn, turn in “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”

45) Go to the house at 45,49, NE of the Inn, and accept "Operation Recombobulation"

46) Run NE to 49,48 and turn in “Stocking Jetsteam” accept “Evershine”

47) Turn in “The Grizzled Den”

48) You should be close to half way through lvl 7

49) Run west to 30,45 and turn in “Evershine” accept “A Favor For Evershine” and “The Perfect Stout”

50) Beside him accept “Bitter Rivals”

51) To the North/NE from here you’ll find tons of bears,leopards, and boars to kill for “A Favor For Evershine” You should ding 8 while killing for this

52) Kill troll seers and open baskets at 41,44 and 41,35 for “The Perfect Stout” the drops kinda suck off the trolls but the baskets can be hard to get.

53) Die so you end up in Kharanos

54) Next to the GY accept “Frostmane Hold”

55) Go into the Inn and buy a thunder ale off the Innkeeper and down in the basement, give the ale to Jarven Thunderbrew. When he leaves touch the barrel to turn in “Bitter Rivals” accept “Return to Marleth”

56) Get new skills

57) Go west to brewnall village again at 30,45 and turn in “The Perfect Stout” and “A Favor For Evershine” accept “Return to Bellowfiz” and “Shimmer Stout”

58) Next to him turn in “Return to Marleth” you should be past half way to 9 now