1-10 Elywnn Forest

1) I chose a warrior to do this part of the guide.I don’t do every quest out here, some are too hard unless you have a group. Elewynn Forest is badly designed compared to the other start zones. You can’t even hit level 12 here. I find this zone very tough and it will be for you. You could even follow my gnome/dwarf guide and just go there when I finish that next.

2) I got to 12 in 5 hours 20 minutes I’m sure you can get better.

3) If you purchased the Collector’s Edition Game, Right Click your Gift Voucher and start “Welcome!”

4) Directly in front of where you start accept “A Threat Within” then go in the building and turn it in, accept “Kobold Camp Cleanup”

5) Run back out, and turn in “Welcome!” at the wagons at 47,41

6) Go to the nook at the NW corner of the building at 48,40 and accept “Wolves Across the Border”

7) Kill the wolves all in front of you for “Wolves Across the Border”  while working your way to the kobold vermin at 47,35 for “Kobold Camp Cleanup”

8) Go back to 48,40 and turn in “Wolves Across the Border” 

9) Run into the house at 48,41 and turn in “Kobold Camp Cleanup” accept “Simple Letter” and “Investigate Echo Ridge”

10) Go to the warrior trainer at 50,42 and turn in “Simple Letter” and train

11) Exit the house and grab “Brotherhood of Thieves” just outside

12) Go NW toward the cave at 47,32 and kill kobold workers on the way up tp it for “Investigate Echo Ridge”

13) Go West to 54,40 and go south killing the defias until you finish “Brotherhood of Thieves” you should have dinged 4 by the time you’re done, if not just kill until you are

14) Run back to the abbey at 48,42 and turn in “Brotherhood of Thieves” accept “Milly Osworth” and “Bounty on Garrick Padfoot”

15) Go inside the house and turn in “Investigate Echo Ridge” accept “Skirmish at Echo Ridge” then get new skills

16) Go north of the house at 50,39 next to the barn, turn in “Milly Osworth” accept “Milly's Harvest”

17) Go back east and grab the grapes in the garden at 54,48 for “Milly's Harvest” then NE to 57,48 you’ll see a shack with padfoot and a thug. Kill him for “Bounty on Garrick Padfoot”

18) Go back to 50,39 and turn in “Milly's Harvest” accept “Grape Manifest”

19) Go into the cave at 47,31 and kill kobold laborer’s for “Skirmish at Echo Ridge”

20) Hearth back to the Abbey

21) Turn in “Bounty on Garrick Padfoot” right in front of you

22) Go inside the house, turn in “Skirmish at Echo Ridge” accept “Report to Goldshire”

23) Go to the top of the tower through the spiral staircase, turn in “Grape Manifest”

24) Go to 45,47 and accept "Rest and Relaxation"

25) If you’re not 6 you should be close, just grind on a few mobs while you head towards the house near goldshire at 46,62 and pick up skinning if you want it

26) Reach goldshire and enter the Inn at 42,65

27) Just to your left accept “Kobold Candles”

28) Near the bar turn in "Rest and Relaxation" and make Goldshire your home

29) Exit the Inn and go straight out, turn in “Report to Goldshire” accept “The Fargodeep Mine”

30) Get your new skills in town here.

31) Go near the carts at 42,67 and accept “Gold Dust Exchange”

32) Go south to the Fargodeep Mine at 39,82 and kill the kobold until you complete all 3 quests “The Fargodeep Mine”, “Gold Dust Exchange”, and “Kobold Candles” Make sure you go in the lower entrance so “The Fargodeep Mine” is easier

33) Once all 3 are done go to the stonefield farm just up the hill east at 34,84 and accept “Lost Necklace” SKIP “Princess Must Die!” it’s just too hard to do alone.

34) Go east to the Maclure Vinyard at 43,80 and accept “Young Lovers”

35) Go to 43,85 and turn in “Lost Necklace” accept “Pie For Billy” then turn around and kill boars until it’s finished.

36) Go back west to 34,84 and turn in “Pie For Billy” and accept “Back to Billy”

37) Go west some to the river at 29,85 and turn in “Young Lovers” accept “Speak with Gramma”

38) Go back to 34,84 and turn in “Speak with Gramma” in the house, accept “Note to William”

39) Run back east to 43,85 and turn in “Back to Billy” accept “Goldtooth”

40) Go in the bottom entrance of the fargodeep mine at 39,82 and to about 41,78 inside and kill goldtooth for “Goldtooth” You should ding 7 sometime in the cave or before you came in.

41) Hearth back to Goldshire

42) In the Inn turn in “Kobold Candles” accept “Shipment to Stormwind” also turn in “Note to William” accept “Collecting Kelp”

43) Straight outside the Inn, turn in “The Fargodeep Mine” accept “The Jasperlode Mine”

44) South near the fence, turn in “Gold Dust Exchange” You should have dinged lvl 7 now, accept “A Fishy Peril”

45) Turn around by the blacksmith and turn it in, accept “Further Concerns”

46) Kill murlocs around the lake at 51,65 for “Collecting Kelp”

47) Grind up to the Jasperlode mine at 61,53 and run through it about half way to 60,50 for “The Jasperlode Mine”

48) Run to the bridge at 73,72 and turn in “Further Concerns” accept “Find the Lost Guards” and “Protect the Frontier”

49) Stop at the house NE of here at 79,68 and accept "Red Linen Goods"

50) At the center of the camp, 81,66, accept “A Bundle of Trouble”

51) Run just west of the waterfall at 72,60 touch the mangled body and turn in “Find the Lost Guards” accept “Discover Rolf’s Fate” if this doesn’t make you ding 8 then grind that last tiny bit.

52) Go to the murloc camp at 79,55 and loot the mangled body there (might need a group, but usually always people here) and turn in “Discover Rolf’s Fate” accept “Report to Thomas”