1-12 Night Elf Pt.1

1-12 Teldrassil - Night Elf

1) If you purchased the Collector’s Edition Game, Right Click your Gift Voucher and start “Welcome!”

2)  Turn in “Welcome!” at 58,44 (right in front of where you start) and pick your pet (I choose Mini Diablo)

3) Accept “The Balance of Nature pt.1” at 58,44 and go do it by killing mobs at 57,45 and 61,43. Turn it in at 58,44.

4) Accept “The Balance of Nature pt.2”and “Etched Sigil” at 58,44. “The Woodland Protector pt.1” at 59,42 and “A Good Friend” at 60,41

5) Hand in “The Woodland Protector pt.1” at 57,45 and accept “The Woodland Protector pt.2” Mobs are at 56,46. Turn it in at 57,45.

6) Accept “Webwood Venom” at 57,41.

7) Run up the ramp to the top of the tree, turn in “Etched Sigil” at 58,40 (hunter trainer) and get beast tracking

8) Jump down and go do the following:

9) “The Balance of Nature pt.2” mobs are all around 60,35

10) “Webwood Venom” at 57,32 in and outside the cave

11) Turn in “A Good Friend” at 54,32 in a cove just west of the cave. Accept “A Friend in Need”

12) Turn in “Webwood Venom” at 57,41. Accept “Webwood Egg”

13) Get new skills

14) Turn in “The Balance of Nature pt.2” at 58,44

15) Turn in “A Friend in Need” at 60,41, accept “Iverron's Antidote pt.1”

16) Go do:

17) “Iverron's Antidote pt.1” (lilies and mushrooms) around 57,37

18) “Iverron's Antidote pt.1” (ichor) in the cave 57,32 along with “Webwood Egg” at 56,26

19) Turn in “Webwood Egg” at 57,41 Accept “Tenaron's Summons” then Run up the ramp to the top of the tree and hand it in at 59,39. Accept “Crown of the Earth pt.1”

20) Turn in “Iverron's Antidote pt.1” accept “Iverron's Antidote pt.2”

21) Do  “Crown of the Earth pt.1” at 59,32

22) Turn in “Iverron's Antidote pt.2” at 54,32

23) Turn in “Crown of the Earth pt.1” at 59,39 Accept “Crown of the Earth pt.2”

24) If you’re not level 6 yet, you should be close. Level and get skills. Head towards Dolanaar

25) Accept “Dolanaar Delivery“ at 61,47

26) Accept “Zenn's Bidding” at 60,56

27)    Make Dolanaar your home.

28)    Turn in “Dolanaar Delivery“ at 55,59 in Dolanaar

29)    Turn in “Crown of the Earth pt.2” at 56,61 accept “Crown of the Earth pt.3”

30)    At the tower in Dolanaar  grab the following:

31)    “Denalan's Earth” “A Troubling Breeze” Get First Aid “The Emerald Dreamcatcher” “Twisted Hatred”

32)    Accept “The Road to Darnassus” from the mounted patrol (if she’s there) right around 56,57

33) Now do:

34) “Zenn's Bidding” mobs east of Dolanaar

35) “Crown of the Earth pt.3” at 63,58

36) Turn in “A Troubling Breeze” at 66,58 accept “Gnarlpine Corruption”

37) “The Emerald Dreamcatcher” 68,59

38)    Turn in “Zenn's Bidding” at 60,56 then go to the

39)    Dolanaar tower and get “Seek Redemption!”

40) Do “Seek Redemption!” (cones under trees) while heading to 60,68 and turn in “Denalan's Earth”

41) Accept and do “Timberling Seeds” (mobs all around lake) & “Timberling Sprouts” (seeds around trees near lake)

42) Hand those back in and accept “Rellian Greenspyre”

43)    Run to Dolanaar

44)    Turn in “Crown of the Earth pt.3” accept “Crown of the Earth pt.4”

45)    Go to tower in Dolanaar:

46)    Turn in “Gnarlpine Corruption” accept “The Relics of Wakening”

47)    Turn in  “The Emerald Dreamcatcher” accept “Ferocitas the Dream Eater”

48)    You should be 8 by now. Get new skills

49) Finish “Seek Redemption!” Then go North of Starbreeze

50) Do “Ferocitas the Dream Eater” mobs around 68,53

51) Die on purpose so you end up at Dolanaar

52) Run to Fel Rock Cave at 54,52 and do “Twisted Hatred” you can also wait until you’re 10 to do this. Makes it easier.

53)    Turn in “Ferocitas the Dream Eater” & “Twisted Hatred” at Dolanaar

54) Do “The Road to Darnassus” at 46,52

55) Go do “The Relics of Wakening” at 44,57 in the cave

56) Accept “The Sleeping Druid” inside, kill shamans to get it, turn it in.

57) Accept “Druid of the Claw” do it at 45,58

58) I stop at 42,49 to get skinning

59) Go south and do “Crown of the Earth pt.4” at 42,67

Die so you end up at Dolanaar

60)    Turn in “Crown of the Earth pt.4” accept “Crown of the Earth pt.5”

61)    Turn in “The Road to Darnassus” just west of tower to mountie

62)    Turn in “The Relics of Wakening” accept “Ursal the Mauler”

63)    You should be 10 now, if not grind to it and lets get your pet

64) Accept “Taming the Beast pt.1” (webwood lurker) 58,60

65) Accept “Taming the Beast pt.2” (nightsaber stalker) 55,73

66) Accept “Taming the Beast pt.3”  (strigid screecher) 55,73

67) I tamed a Strigid Hunter to get claw rank 2 and growl rank 2

68) I then tame an Elder Nightsaber (42,42) as my pet.

69)    Run to Darnassus Hand in “Rellian Greenspyre” at 38,21accept “Tumors”

70)    Go to 40,81 turn in “Training the Beast”

71)    Get “Nessa Shadowsong” at 70,45 in Darnassus

72) Go south and do:

73) Get “The “Glowing Fruit” at 42,76

74) Do “Ursal the Mauler” at 38,77

75) Die so you’re in front of Darnassus.

76) Then go do:

77) “Tumors” at 42,42

78) “Crown of the Earth pt.5” at 38,34