Night Elf Continued

79) Accept “The Enchanted Glade” at 38,34. Then do it at 35,43. Turn it back in

80) Accept “Teldrassil”

81)    Run back to Darnassus, turn in “Tumors” at 38,21 accept “Return to Denalan”

82)    Turn in “Teldrassil” atop the tower at 36,12 accept “Grove of the Ancients”

83)    Hearth to Dolanaar

84)    Hand in “Crown of the Earth pt.5” accept “Crown of the Earth pt.6”

85)    Turn in “Ursal the Mauler”

86) Go SE to 60,68 Turn in “Return to Denalan” accept “Oakenscowl”elite

87) Turn in “Glowing Fruit”

88) Go kill “Oakenscowl” at 53,74. Turn it in at 60,68

89)    Run to Darnassus, if you’re not within 1100xp to 12 yet grind on harpies North of the Darnassus entrance.

90)    Turn in “Crown of the Earth pt.6” 34,8 in Darnassus

91)    Get skills and run through gate at 30,41

92)    Run straight ahead to 56,92, hand in “Nessa Shadowsong” accept “The Bounty of Teldrassil” go hand it in to the hippograph guy at 58,93 to get a free ride and start “Flight to Auberdine”