12)    Run back to Auberdine

13)    Turn in “A Lost Master pt.1” at the first house in town. Accept “A Lost Master pt.2”

14) Run down to 43,76 turn in “Mathystra Relics”

15) Run down to 41,81 and do /wave at Grimclaw He’ll point southwest at the cave. Go to it at 45,85 and turn in “A Lost Master pt.2” accept “Escape Through Force” Run him back to Grimclaw at 41,81.

16) If you’re not 24 yet or 1750 xp to 24, grind to 1750 until you level

17)    Hearth to Auberdine

18)    Turn in “Escape Through Force” at the house before exiting town. Accept “Trek to Ashenvale”

19)    Fly to Darnassus and get new skills then Fly to Astranaar


24-25 Ashenvale

1)       Turn in “Trek to Ashenvale” right in front of you when you hearth.

2)       Run to the house on the East side, turn in “The Ruins of Stardust” accept “Fallen Sky Lake”

3)       Run to the West side of town, turn in “Pridewings of Stonetalon” accept “Kayneth Stillwind”

4) Grind every mob down into Fire Scar Shrine and kill Ilkruk Mathrull at 25,61 for “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.5” Take him out as fast as you can. He summons 2 voidwalkers if you take too long.

5) Grind a path up to between 35,33 and 36,36 (he patrols) and kill Dal Bloodclaw for “Culling the Threat”

6) I then grind furbolg’s until I’m half way to 25

7) Then run to Maestra’s Post at 26,38 turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.5” accept “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.6”

8) Accept “Supplies to Auberdine” (escort) may seem out of the way, you run into a fight of 4, and 2 fights of 3. You only go to the darkshore border and it completes. Easy 2900 xp, not far out of the way. Turn it back in at 26,38

9)       Run to Astranaar

10)    Turn in “Culling the Threat” at the inn

11) Run down to Silverwing Refuge at 49,67 and accept "Elemental Bracers" do it in the lake here.

12) Once you have all 5 inact bracers, use the scroll on them and then hand it back in at 49,67 SKIP “Mage Summoner”

13) I’m usually about 1 bar from 25 so I grind to 25 on the elementals

14)    Hearth to Auberdine

15)    Get on the boat to Menethil Harbor.

25-27 Wetlands

1)       Stop at the end of the docks, accept “Claws From the Deep”

2)       On the west side of town accept “Young Crocolisk Skins”

3)       Go to the top of the castle, accept “War Banners”

4)       On the east side of town accept “Digging Through the Ooze”

5)       In front of the Inn accept “The Third Fleet” and “The Greenwarden”

6)       Make Menethil Harbor your home

7)       Go upstairs in the inn, turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.4” accept “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.5”


8)       Buy a “Flagon of Mead” from the bartender for “The Third Fleet” and give it to the guy outside the inn. Accept “The Cursed Crew”

9)       On the bridge accept “In Search of the Excavation Team pt.1”

10) Kill Young Crocolisks just east of the bridge around 14,52 and north on the land of the lake also along the road to the greenwarden for “Young Crocolisk Skins”

11) Kill Bluegill Murlocs and Gobbler at 18,40 for “Claws From the Deep”

12) Kill Mottled Raptors and Screechers around 25,46 for “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.5”

13) Enter the Excavation Site at 34,40

14) Run up the path on the left and grab the fossil near the 2 npc’s at 38,52 for “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.5”

15) Turn in “In Search of the Excavation Team pt.1” accept “In Search of the Excavation Team pt.2”

16) Accept “Uncovering the Past”

17) Outside the cave accept “Ormer's Revenge pt.1”

18) Go back to where you killed the raptors a few minutes ago at 25,46 and do “Ormer's Revenge pt.1” by killing mottled raptors and screechers

19) Run back up to the cave at 38,52 and turn in “Ormer's Revenge pt.1” accept “Ormer’s Revenge pt.2”

20) Now do both “Ormer’s Revenge pt.2” by killing Scythclaw and Razormaw Raptors below, and “Uncovering the Past” relics for this are all around the raptors. There are 4 different ones that randomly spawn but each is in it’s own shape which are: (Modr=Thin Red Vase) (Golm=Fat Yellow Vase) (Neru=Dirt Pile) (Ados=Tomb)

21) Go back up to 38,52 and turn in “Ormer’s Revenge pt.2” accept “Ormer’s Revenge pt.3”

22) Turn in “Uncovering the Past”

23) Do “Ormer’s Revenge pt.3” atop the hill at 32,51 Sarltooth is a 29 But he’s as easy as the others. Go turn it back in at 38,52

24) Go in to Angerfang Encampment at 43,40 and do “War Banners”

25) Stop at 49,39 accept "Daily Delivery"

26) Run straight East from here to 56,40 and turn in “The Greenwarden” accept “Tramping Paws”

27) Kill Mosshide around 56,74 for “Tramping Paws” at the camp. They’re a fast respawn I couldn’t kill em fast enough. Turn it in at 56,40 and accept “Fire Taboo” You should be 26 by now, if not you will be soon

28) Do “Fire Taboo” by killing any mosshides but the ones you just killed, The flints are easily dropped by the ones around 44,33 there is a few.

29) Turn in “Fire Taboo” at 56,40 accept “Blisters on the Land” Now this is one of those quests you just do as you go. Fen Creepers are stealthed elementals that lurk in the water. If you see one, kill it.

30)    Hearth back to Menethil Harbor

31)    Turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector pt.5” 2nd floor of the Inn

32)    Go inside the castle upstairs, turn in “War Banners” accept “Nek'Rosh's Gambit”

33)    On the west side of town hand in "Daily Delivery" and “Young Crocolisk Skins” accept “Apprentice's Duties”

34)    Go on the dock and turn in “Claws From the Deep” accept “Reclaiming Goods”