35)    On the bridge hand in “In Search of the Excavation Team pt.2”

36) You should definitely be 26 by this point and near ½ way to 27. You can either wait till you fly through IF to get talents or do it now.

37) Touch the damaged crate at 13,41 turn in “Reclaiming Goods” accept “The Search Continues”

38) Go just north to the next camp Touch the sealed barrel at 13,38 turn in “The Search Continues” accept “Search More Hovels”

39) Go north again touch the half-burried barrel at 13,34 turn in “Search More Hovels” accept “Return the Statuette”

40) Stop at the sunken ships around 14,28 14,25 and kill the unded on either ship for “The Cursed Crew” Try to stay on top of the ships. Kill Snellig in the broken part of the first ship in the rear near the shore for the box.

41) From here north you should be able to find Giant crocolisks for “Apprentice's Duties” as well as the fen dwellers (track hidden) in the waters all over this area while you head toward Ironbeard’s Tomb at 44,25 for “Digging Through the Ooze” Kill oozes for the bag.

42) Now once all your fen creepers are dead head back to the greenwarden at 56,40 and hand it in

43)    Hearth Back to Menethil Harbor

44)    Just outside hand in “The Cursed Crew” accept “Lifting the Curse”

45)    Go north a little bit and hand in “Digging Through the Ooze”

46)    Go to the west side of town, turn in “Apprentice's Duties”

47)    Next down to the docks, hand in “Return the Statuette”

48)    You should be 27 now.

49)    Fly to IF, get new skills, hand in “An Old Colleague” at 71,51 SKIP the next part

50)    Fly to SW, hand in “A Gnome’s Respite” at 43,80 SKIP the next part

51) Fly to Lakeshire


        27-28 Lakeshire

1)       Accept “Blackrock Bounty” right in front of FP near bridge

2)       Accept “Blackrock Menace” just over bridge on right.

3)       Go in the town hall, accept “Solomon's Law”

9)       Accept “Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore” Outside the Inn on the wall

10)    Make Lakeshire your home

6)       Just west of town at the house past the inn, accept “An Unwelcome Guest” now go do it just west of this house at 16,49 (Bellygrub) kill him then hand it back in.

7) Go to Render’s Camp at 44,19 and kill the orcs here for “Blackrock Menace” while you head NW to 34,7 for “Blackrock Bounty”

8) I tore the camps up 4 and 5 at a time while heading to the cave easy with a crossbow I was leveling up.

9) Once at the cave kill for the axes and champions Go left when you go in towards the down area with water, there is an escort quest here.

10) You should have your axes and champions killed by the time you get to the escort. If not you can kill them on your way out.

11)    Get the escort quest “Missing In Action” at 28,12 in the cave and escort him out. He’s a 25 elite so he won’t die easy. Once you’re out of the camp he starts running back to Lakeshire, turn the quest in right where you stop as well as “Blackrock Menace” SKIP “Tharil'Zun”

12)    Run over the Bridge near the FP turn in, “Blackrock Bounty”

13) Kill the Gnolls all around 74,42 for “Solomon's Law” and Keep an eye out for “Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore” he is at 80,40 Make sure you clear the mobs around him or they come running in

14) Once you got those both done, grind on these shadowhide until youre about 4k or 2 bars from 28

15)    Hearth to Lakeshire

16)    Go in the town hall and turn in both “Solomon's Law” and “Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore”

17)    You should have hit 28 after that.

18) Run down to the SW corner of Redredge Mountains, and take the path that forks south into Duskwood


        28-29 Duskwood

1)       Note on Duskwood, it has a few long, pointless chains that you only do a few parts of, then SKIP the rest

2)       Follow the road until you get to Darkshire and get FP at 72,44

3)       Go to the houst just south of FP at 79,47 accept “Look to the Stars pt.1” Buy a bronze tube from the gnome engineer just south of here at 78,48 and hand it back in, accept “Look to the Stars pt.2”

4)       Go towards town and the first big house on the left outside accept “Worgen in the Woods pt.1”

5)       Go in the house and accept “Raven Hill” “The Hermit” and “Deliveries to Sven”

6)       Exit the house and go straight to the house across the street and accept “The Legend of Stalvan pt.1” and “The Totem of Infliction”

7)       Run out the door straight across to the Inn and make it your home

8)       Exit and go to the right, accept “The Night Watch pt.1”

9)       Turn in “The Legend of Stalvan pt.1” SKIP the rest

10) Start off doing “Worgen in the Woods pt.1” to the east of Duskwood around 64,46 by killing Nightbane Shadow Weaver

11)    Turn in “Worgen in the Woods pt.1” back in the center of town, accept “Worgen in the Woods pt.2”

12) Go back to around 64,46 and kill Nightbane Dark Runners now for “Worgen in the Woods pt.2” There are a lot in the camps

13)    Go turn in “Worgen in the Woods pt.2” in the center of town again and accept “Worgen in the Woods pt.3”

14) Run to the house at 81,59 turn in “Look to the Stars pt.2” accept “Look to the Stars pt.3”

15) Do “The Night Watch pt.1” and the skeleton finger part of “The Totem of Infliction” at Tranquil Garden Cemetary around 79,70

16) Ger Mary’s Looking Glass for “Look to the Stars pt.3” inside the chapel here from the insane ghoul