17) Kill the mobs around 73,73 inside and out of the cave for “Worgen in the Woods pt.3”

18)    Hearth back to Darkshire

19)    Just outside the Inn, hand in “The Night Watch pt.1” accept “The Night Watch pt.2”

20)    Go east from here and hand in “Worgen in the Woods pt.3” accept “Worgen in the Woods pt.4” go in the house and turn that in

21)    Go just south of the FP to 79,47 turn in “Look to the Stars pt.3” accept “Look to the Stars pt.4”

22)    You should be over half way to 29, more near Ύ the way

23) Stop at the ogre mound cave at 33,75 and kill Zzarc' Vul for “Look to the Stars pt.4” Stay left inside the cave

24) Stop at the front of Raven Hill at 18,56 and turn in “Raven Hill” SKIP the rest since they’re grey

25) Run north into the cemetery and kill skeletons for “The Night Watch pt.2” and spiders in here for “The Totem of Infliction”

26) Kill ghouls in the northern part of the cemetery at 22,38 to get ghoul fangs for “The Totem of Infliction”

28) Kill black widow’s east of the graveyard for the last part of “The Totem of Infliction”

29) Go to the shack NE of Raven Hill at 28,31 and turn in “The Hermit” accept “Supplies From Darkshire”

30) Go to 17,29 at the grave and get “The Weathered Grave”

31) Run to 7,34 and turn in “Deliveries to Sven” accept “Sven's Revenge”

32)    Hearth to Darkshire

33)    Right in front of the inn, turn in “The Night Watch pt.2” accept “The Night Watch pt.3”

34)    Go in town hall, turn in “The Weathered Grave” accept “Morgan Ladimore” Turn it in just out front of the town hall SKIP “Mor'Ladim”

35)    Go in the house east of the Inn, turn in “The Totem of Infliction” and “Supplies From Darkshire” accept “Ghost Hair Thread”

36)    Go in the last house to the east, turn in “Look to the Stars pt.4”

37)    Go to Blind Mary in the house at 81,59 turn in “Ghost Hair Thread” accept “Return the Comb” Go turn it in at the house east of the Inn, accept “Deliver the Thread”

38) Go to 49,77 (you can sneak around everything to here by going towards STV and then to this location) and turn in “Sven's Revenge” accept “Sven’s Camp”

39) Run up to the shack NE of Raven Hill and hand in “Deliver the Thread” accept “Zombie Juice”

40) Go to the underground at 23,35 kill plagued spreaders just around here and down inside for “The Night Watch pt.3” you probably won’t get them all in 1 pass.

41) Grind your way back out then over to Sven at 7,34 hand in “Sven's Revenge” accept “The Shadowy Figure”

42)    Hearth back to Darkshire

43)    Turn in “Zombie Juice” right in front of you, SKIP the rest

44)    Turn in “The Night Watch pt.3” right outside the Inn

44)    Turn in “The Shadowy Figure” at the house east of the Inn accept “The Shadowy Search Continues”

45)    Turn it in at the town hall, accept “Inquire at the Inn” SKIP the rest

46)    If you happened to find An Old History Book (drops off all mobs in Duskwood) start the quest “An Old History Book” and Fly to SW and turn it in at 74,7 and accept “Southshore”

47)    Fly to Menethil Harbor and get on the boat to Auberdine, Fly to Ashenvale


        29-30 Ashenvale

1)       Stable your pet then head out East

2)       Make Astranaar your home.

3) Tame an Elder Ashenvale Bear to the east of Raynewood Retreat, Give it growl and use it for the following:

4) Stop at 66,56 and touch the crystal for the first part of “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.6”

5) Kill Withered Ancients for the Wooden Key for “Raene’s Cleansing pt.4” around 55,35 then use the key on the chest at 54,35

6) Run to 53,46 turn in “Raene’s Cleansing pt.4” accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.5”

7) Go to 85,44 and turn in “Kayneth Stillwind” accept “Forsaken Diseases”

8) Go to 81,48 and get the second part of “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.6”

9) Go to 66,81 and do “Fallen Sky Lake” the mob is in the center

10) Kill rotting slimes until a chest falls east of the road near the lake for “Raene’s Cleansing pt.5”

11) Go to 75,71and do “Forsaken Diseases” the bottle is on the table

12) Hand in “Forsaken Diseases” at 85,44 SKIP the next part

13)    Hearth back to Astranaar

14)    Turn in “Fallen Sky Lake” at the last house on the east side of town

15) Go to 53,46 turn in “Raene’s Cleansing pt.5” accept “Raene's Cleansingpt.5” Go turn it in at the shrine inside the tree at 56,49 accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.6”  Turn it back in at the moonwell at 53,46 accept “Raene’s Cleansing pt.7” die so you end up near town

16)    Hand in “Raene’s Cleansing pt.7” at the Inn, SKIP the rest but keep the rod, you can use it forever to transform for fun =P

17) Go to 26,38 turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx pt.6” SKIP the rest

18) Fly to Darnassus and get your level 30 talents

19) Fly to Auberdine then get on the boat to Menethil Harbor


30-30 Wetlands

1)       Make Menethil Harbor your home

2) Go to 14,25 and kill Captain Halyndor for his key on top of the ship, the chest is in the bottom of the ship. Send your pet in to grab all the aggro, then send it out to attack a murloc so it trains them all out. If some go for you just feign death and resume. Touch the chest and turn in “Lifting the Curse” accept “The Eye of Paleth”

3) Touch the catapult at 47,47, hand in “Nek'Rosh's Gambit” accept “Defeat Nek’Rosh”