30) Kill Bloodscalp at 29,19 for “Bloodscalp Ears” You’ll probably have to clear it 2-3 times. They’re easy

31) Kill Basalisks to finish “Singing Blue Shards” just west of here above the shore.

32) Run south on the Island till it says complete for “The Stone of the Tides” Go back up and kill basalisks if needed.

33)    Hearth to BB

34)    Turn in “Singing Blue Shards” SKIP the next for now

35)    Go upstairs turn in “Investigate the Camp”, “Bloodscalp Ears”

36)    Go just outside, turn in “The Stone of the Tides” and “Goblin Sponsorship pt.4” Accept “Water Elementals” and “Goblin Sponsorship pt.5”

37)    Go into the shop Tan-Your-Hide Leatherworks and turn in “Supply and Demand” (it’s down the ramp from the FP) accept “Some assembly required”

38)    I’m half way to 37 at this point

39)    Fly to IF get new skills then fly to Menethil Harbor, make it your home, and boat to Theramore

40) If you’re first aid is at 225 go do “Triage” then fly to Gadgetzan

41) Run out to Shimmering Flats at 77,77 and turn in “Parts for Kravel” accept “Delivery to the Gnomes” then turn around and hand it in

42) Go a little East and hand in “Goblin Sponsorship pt.5” accept “The Eighteenth Pilot” then hand it in 2 feet away, accept “Razzeric's Tweaking”

43) Grab “The Rumormonger” at 77,77 then Hearth to Menethil Harbor


        36-37 Alterac Mountains

1)       Go to the Town Hall and turn in “Further Mysteries” accept “Dark Council” and “Noble Deaths”

2)       Make Southshore your home

3) Run into Alterac Mountains to 47,55 and kill ogres for “Crushridge Bounty”

4) Grind up to Strahnbrad around 60,43 and kill the syndicate and grab their rings for “Noble Deaths” You can also kill shadow mages here for “Dark Council”  which is easier than killing them in the camps later

5) Grind your way west to to the house at 39,16 and kill Nagaz for “Dark Council”. I take out the first camp you come across then grind anything in my way west that’s not in a camp.

6) You wanna be at least 2 bars from 37, if so hearth to SS

7)       Run across from the Inn, turn in “Crushridge Bounty” SKIP the next

8)       Go in the Inn, turn in “Dark Council” and “Noble Deaths”

9)       Fly to Arathi Highlands

                37-38 Arathi Highlands

1) Accept “Worth Its Weight In Gold”

2) Run to 62,33 touch the crystal and accept “The Princess Trapped”


3) Go just east of Hammerfall to 80,40. (Load up on bloodstone ore here, you can sell it for a few g per 4 in BB) This is a tree, behind it is the path up to the cave to kill kobolds for “The Princess Trapped” If you get them all before the end of the cave you have to continue to the end to hand it in by touching Iridescent Shards and accept "Stones of Binding"

3) You should be just about Ό through this level when you exit the cave.

4) Go to the circle of east binding, just west of Hammerfall at 80,36 and grab the cresting key from the rock.

5) Stop at 60,53 and hand in “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.1” accept “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.2” If you see the courier kill him. Simply send your pet in get aggro, when he’s hurt some multi shot some off of him. He’s easy, just feign and let pet die once courier is dead. The courier walks between refuge and tarren mill.

6) Kill the trolls all around the lake at 67,69 for “Worth Its Weight In Gold” you can get tusks and medicine bags off the guys here, to get the dagger you have to kill Shadow Hunters in the cave at 68,74

7) Go to the circle of outer binding at 52,50 and grab the thundering key from the rock.

8) Go to refuge point and hand in “Worth Its Weight In Gold” this opens up “Wand Over Fist” from another NPC

9) Go do “Wand Over Fist” by killing Coldrage in the cave at 53,77 (follow the left path) run back to Refuge hand it in, SKIP the rest

10) Go to the circle of west binding at 25,30 and grab the burning key from the rock.

11) I found the courier at this point on the road (varies since he travels)

12) Go to the circle of inner binding at 36,57 and turn in "Stones of Binding" on the rock, SKIP the rest.

13) Run SW of here, there is a path that leads behind Stromgarde at 31,64 follow it around to the cave path at 21,75

14) Swim over to the ship and accept “Land HO!” then turn around and hand it in.

15) Accept “Deep Sea Salvage”

16) Go by the fire accept “Drowned Sorrows” and “Sunken Treasure pt.1”

17) Do “Sunken Treasure pt.1” by escorting him right behind you in the cave. Turn it in, accept “Sunken Treasure pt.2”

18) Go down south near the sunken ships, around 24,84 and do “Sunken Treasure pt.2” (use goggles to find them easy), “Drowned Sorrows” (nagas), and “Deep Sea Salvage” (2 on each ship)

19) Turn in “Deep Sea Salvage” on the dock

20) Turn in “Drowned Sorrows” next to the fire, then  “Sunken Treasure pt.2” accept “Sunken Treasure pt.3”

21) Hand that in on the dock accept “Sunken Treasure pt.4”

22) Run back towards Go’Shek Farm, if you haven’t found the courier yet abandon quest and hearth to SS. If so go to 60,53 and hand in “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.2” accept “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.3” then turn it right back in accept “Hints of a New Plague? Pt.4”