21) Go to the rebel camp at 38,3 and turn in “Colonel Kurzen

22) Kill the trolls around 44,34 until you’re about 9k from leveling

23)    Hearth to BB

24)    Turn in “Zanzil's Secret

25)    Go down by the Bank, turn in “Akiris By the Bundle pt.1” accept “Akiris By the Bundle pt.2

26)    Go to the house in front of the half boat, turn in “Voodoo Dues” accept “Cracking Maury's Foot

27)    Get on the boat to Rachet then fly to Theramore

28)    Turn in “Akiris By the Bundle pt.2” in front of you, fly to Gadget


43-43 Tanaris

1)       Accept “Wastewander Justice” and “Water Pouch Bounty

2)       Make Gadget your home

3)       Go in front of the cage and grab the 2 quests off the sign “WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting” and “WANTED: Andre Firebeard

4)       Turn in “Tran'Rek” SKIP the next part

5)       On the left side of town on the hill accept “Gadgetzan Water Survey

6) Go to The Shimmering Flats to 77,77 and turn in “Rumors for Kravel” accept “Back to Booty Bay

7) Just beside him turn in “News for Fizzle

8) Go to 80,75 and accept “Keeping Pace” do it by talking with zamek just south of here, has a blue ? on his head. Don’t follow him, run to rizzles house at 77,77 and when he leaves grab the unguarded plans which turns in “Keeping Pace” accept “Rizzle's Schematics” turn it in at 80,75

9) Hearth to Gadget

10) Run out to Steamwheedle Port at 59,80

11) Turn in "Stoley's Debt" at the southern most house, accept “Stoley’s Shipment” and “Southsea Shakedown

12) Go to the northern houses, accept “Pirate Hats Ahoy!” and “Screecher Spirits

13) Go to around 63,30 and kill the mobs here for “Wastewander Justice” and “Water Pouch Bounty” Look for Caliph Scorpidsting and kill him for “WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting  while here. He has 2 stealthed guards but is fairly easy. He patrols up and down

14) Run over to the cave at 68,41 and go through to Lost Rigger Cove.

15) Start killing the mobs all back here for  Southsea Shakedown” and “Pirate Hats Ahoy!

16) You may get some drops of Pirate's Footlocker which can hold Ship Schedule  and the upper middle and lower map fragments which starts “Cuergo’s Gold” and “Ship Schedules” only do them if you find them. If I don’t find them all I skip them or sell what I have.

17) Kill Andre Firebeard at 73,47 for “WANTED: Andre Firebeard

18) Go to the only 2 story house out here at 72,46 and get the stolen wine for “Stoley’s Shipment”. It’s on the 2nd floor

19)    Hearth to Gadget

20)    Turn in “Wastewander Justice  accept “More Wastewander Justice

21)    Turn in “WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting” and “Water Pouch Bounty

22)    You should be close to half way TNL


23) Go west to 39,29 and do “Gadgetzan Water Survey” Run once you get the sample a 47 and 48 attack you.

24)    Run back to Gadget and hand in “Gadgetzan Water Survey” accept “Noxious Lair Investigation

25) Go do “More Wastewander Justice” around 60,35 by killing the mobs

26) Go back up to Steamweedle Port at 59,80 to the southern house and turn in  Stoley’s Shipment” accept “Deliver to MacKinley

27) Turn in “WANTED: Andre Firebeard” and “Southsea Shakedown

28) Go to the northern house, turn in “Pirate Hats Ahoy!

29)    Hearth to Gadget

30)    Turn in “More Wastewander Justice

31)    Accept “Handle With Care” near the north side of town

32)    You should be about TNL now

33)    Fly to Feralas

        43-45 Feralas

1)       On the water side of the inn in the gazebo, accept “The Mark of Quality

2)       Make Feralas your home

3)       Go into the big building across from the Inn, accept “The Missing Courier pt.1” and “The Ruins of Solarsal

4)       Go to the building just west accept “In Search of Knowledge” and “The High Wilderness

5)       Go upstairs turn in “The Missing Courier pt.1” accept “The Missing Courier pt.2

6) Go to the gazebo at 26,52 and turn in “The Ruins of Solarsal” accept “Return to Feathermoon Stronghold

7)       Go back to Feathermoon to the big building, turn in “Return to Feathermoon Stronghold” accept “Against the Hatecrest pt.1” turn around and hand it in accept “Against the Hatecrest pt.2

8) Kill naga around 26,54 for “Against the Hatecrest pt.2

9) I kill the naga until im about 2500 TNL because I’m usually under 15k TNL when I get to this part. They give an average of 250 per kill

10)    Go back to Feathermoon to the big building, turn in “Against the Hatecrest pt.2” accept “Against Lord Shalzaru

11) Go down to the cave at 26,66 and kill Lord Shalzaru at the end for “Against Lord Shalzaru

12)    Die so you end up at Feathermoon

13)    Go back to Feathermoon to the big building, turn in “Against Lord Shalzaru” accept “Delivering the Relic” go to the other side of the building and turn it in.

14) Take the boat to the mainland

15) Go south of the dock and kill screechers for “Screecher Spirits

16) Go down to 45,65 and touch the wrecked boat to turn in “The Missing Courier pt.2” accept “Boat Wreckage

17)    Hearth to Feathermoon

18)    Go in the little building across from the Inn on the 2nd floor, turn in “Boat Wreckage” accept “The Knife Revealed