10) Ride NE to 53,18 and go up top and accept “Kim'jael Indeed

11) Go south of here around 56,29 and kill the blood elves (practice for the expansion lol) and look around for crates that are kim’jaels for “Kim'jael Indeed

12) Go back to 53,21 and turn in “Kim'jael Indeed” accept “Kim’jael’s “Missing” Equipment

13) Go down anywhere in the runes at 37,52 and start killing nagas for “Kim’jael’s “Missing” Equipment” low droprate, if it takes you a while you’ll probably grind yourself to 53.

14) Go back to 53,21 and turn in “Kim’jael’s “Missing” Equipment” you should now be 53 or really close to it.

15) Kill the coursers all around Kim’jael’s area for “Courser Antlers” these have a low spawn rate on purpose, the quest explains how rare it is to find perfect antlers as it’s a symbol of their dominance or something. This is good because you’ll grind about 20k

16) Go back to 42,42 and turn in “Courser Antlers” You should be near 4 bars into 53 from killing these for hunters. accept “Wavethrashing

17) Start on the beach at 87,26 and looking for the wavethrashers for “Wavethrashing”. I type /target wave and that finds them easy. Scales are like a 25-50% drop. There is a good amount up here in and out of the water.

18) Go back to 42,42 and turn in “Wavethrashing” SKIP the next part unless you plan on doing Sunken Temple

19) Go to 42,64 and get the Sael’hai rubbing for “Arcane Runes

20) Run all the way to the SE corner to 77,91 it’ll be a heli pad. You can’t miss this. Use your flare gun and watch the copter fly in. Turn in “Arcane Runes” accept “Return to Tymor

21)    Hearth to Darnassus

22)    Go to the tower at 35,8 and turn in “Morrowgrain Research pt.2” and make sure you save any extras, You need 10 for a later quest.

23)    Fly to Astranaar, make it your home and run into Felwood at 55,31


53-54 Felwood

1) Stop at 54,86 and accept “Cleansing Felwood

2) Run north a little bit to 51,81 and accept “Forces of Jaedenar

3) Inside the house, accept “The Corruption of the Jadefire

4) Under the tent accept "Verifying the Corruption" and "To Winterspring!

5) Just across the road accept “Timbermaw Ally

6) Go just SW of here around 48,91 and kill the Furlbogs until you finish “Timbermaw Ally” Just grind em all for rep until you’re done

7) Go back to 50,85 and turn in “Timbermaw Ally” accept “Speak to Nefian” the other is repeatable for rep

8) Go up near the 2 lakes at 40,69 and kill the cursed oozes for the first part of "A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.1"

9) Go to the west of here now to 37,69 and kill the jadefire demons for “The Corruption of the Jadefire” these are good to farm too.

10) Go up to 39,59 and kill the tainted oozes for the second part of "A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.1"

11) Go just west of here around 37,59 and kill the Jaedenar for “Forces of Jaedenar” You don’t have to go in the caves.

12) Go back to 51,82 and turn in “Forces of Jaedenar” accept “Collection of the Corrupt Water

13) Inside the house turn in “The Corruption of the Jadefire” accept “Further Corruption

14) Go back up to Jaedenar to the green pool at 35,59 and fill the canteen for “Collection of the Corrupt Water

15) Go back to 51,82 and turn in “Collection of the Corrupt Water” accept “Seeking Spiritual Aid

16) Go up to 42,20 and kill Entropic beasts and horrors and explore the craters for "Verifying the Corruption"

17) Go up to 46,14 and follow it to the back, killing the demons for “Further Corruption” When you kill Xavaric he'll drop Flute of Xavaric which starts “Flute of Xavaric” kill the satyr’s now to complete this.

18) Run over to Irontree Cavern at 55,17 and kill 15 of the elementals and that should be enough for “Cleansing Felwood

19) Go up to 62,24 and get the FP

20) Go north to 64,8 and turn in “Speak to Nefian” accept “Deadwood of the North

21) Now fall off the cliff to the west and start killing for “Deadwood of the North” once you’re done you want to kill until you’re 150 rep from the next rank with the timbermaw (put the rep as an xp bar for ease)

22) Go back to 64,8 and turn in “Deadwood of the North” and you should be unfriendly now and not aggro’d any longer. Accept “Speak to Salfa” and turn in any 5 sets of feathers for extra rep and 550 xp

23) Go through the cave to Winterspring and just outside the cave to the right at 27,34 turn in “Speak to Salfa

24) Run south to 31,45 and turn in “The New Springs” accept “Strange Sources” also turn in "It's A Secret to Everybody pt.3" accept “The Videre Elixir” and “Threat of the Winterfall

25) Run back throug the cave and go west at the fork into Moonglade.

26) Go to 48,67 and grab the FP

27)    You should be a hair from leveling now. You can kill something or just wait. Hearth to Astranaar and fly to Feralas

28)    Go in the Inn, accept “Jonespyre's Request

29)    Go up to the top of the tower, turn it in, accept “The Mystery of Morrowgrain” turn it back in unless you’re still making the stuff. If you don’t have enough no big deal during this guide I didn’t have enough

30)    Stable your pet and ride or swim to the mainland

31) Tame a 48+ Ironfur Patriarch for Claw rank 7

32) Go up to 45,25 and buy a bait and read on how to get the videre elixir

33) At 45,16 you can be put up to the top of the colossal tower and parachute down. Just make sure you unmount, I forgot about that and smashed a crater in the ground.

34) Go up to 44,10 and place the bait on the ground then go loot an everroot

35) Go back south to 45,25 to get your 3 videre elixir