5) Keep your eye out for those blue moonkin feathers to finish up “Moontouched Wildkin

6) Run All the way south to 60,73 to complete “Strange Sources

7) Hearth back to Everlook, if it’s not up die on purpose

8) Go to 65,45 and kill yeti’s for “Are We There, Yeti? pt.1

9)       Run back to Everlook and turn in “Are We There, Yeti? pt.1” accept “Are We There, Yeti? pt.2

10) Go back to 65,45 and kill matriarch’s and patriarch’s for “Are We There, Yeti? pt.2” there are a lot in the cave at 67,42

10)    Run back to Everlook and turn in “Are We There, Yeti? pt.2” accept “Are We There, Yeti? pt.3

11)    Go just east of the Inn and scare Legacki for “Are We There, Yeti? pt.3

12) Go east of Winterspring to 66,34 and kill the furlbogs there for “Winterfall Activity” and part of “Threat of the Winterfall

13) Hopefully you’ll find an Empty Firewater Flask on one of them which starts “Winterfall Firewater

14) Run up to Starfall Village at 51,30 and turn in "To Winterspring!” accept “The Ruins of Kel'Theril

15) Turn in “Enraged Wildkin pt.1” SKIP part 2 for now also turn in “The Ruins of Kel'Theril” accept “Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril

15) Grab the relic at 55,42 for “Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril” dismiss pet before you open them then run and FD. 2nd relic is at 53,43. 3rd at 52,41 4th at 50,41

16) Go west to 39,43 and kill furlbog here for “Threat of the Winterfall” also make sure you have your 10 feathers for “Moontouched Wildkin

17) Go to 31,45 and turn in “Strange Sources” “Threat of the Winterfall” and “Winterfall Firewater” accept “Falling to Corruption

18) Run to 27,34 and turn in “Winterfall Activity

19) You should now be 25-30% into 55

20) Run through the tunnel to Felwood

21) Go to 60,5 and touch the cauldron at the camp which turns in “Falling to Corruption” accept “Mystery Goo

22)    Hearth to Everlook then fly to Darnassus

23)    In Rut’theran Village turn in “Moontouched Wildkin” 55,92 accept “Find Ranshalla

24)    Go into Darnassus up to 34,8 in the big tower and turn in “The New Frontier pt.1” accept “The New Frontier pt.2” go down 1 floor and turn that in, accept “Rabine Saturna

25)    Fly to Moonglade to 51,45 and turn in “Rabine Saturna” accept “Wasteland

26)    Fly to Auberdine, boat to Menethil and fly to IF, make it your home. Make sure you have your black dragonflight molt

27)    Go to 75,23 and turn in "A Little Slime Goes A Long Way pt.2"

28)    Go to 38,55 in the throne room and accept “The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan pt.1” then click on her and listen to the story and turn it back in, accept “The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan pt.2

29)    In front of the FP accept "Taking Back Silithus"

30)    Fly to Lakeshire

11) Run north to 46,6 and enter the Burning Steppes


                55-56 Burning Steppes

1) Go to 83,63 and follow the path up and grab the FP

2) Accept “Extinguish the Firegut” and “FIFTY! YEP!

3) In front of the broken house, accept “Dragonkin Menace” This is the start of the ony key chain

4) Start killing ogres all over the mountain at 81,42 for “Extinguish the Firegut” then run back to 84,68 and turn it in, accept “Gor'tesh the Brute Lord

5) Go NW to around 66,40 and collect the ruins that look like tombstones for “The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan pt.2

6) Run up to 65,24 and go in the cave, turn in “Yuka Screwspigot” SKIP the rest

7) Outside accept “Tablet of the Seven” and “Broodling Essence

8) Go to 54,40 and touch the dwarf statue for “Tablet of the Seven

9) Go west to 43,46 to blackrock stronghold or south to 49,55 the pillar of ash and kill the orcs for “FIFTY! YEP!” they drop in large amounts

10) While in the pillar of ash at 40,56 you should kill Gor’tesh for “Gor'tesh the Brute Lord

11) Get a group if you can for “Dragonkin Menace” and then kill the mobs for it just ne of the camp along the east wall. It’s soloable but cutting it Also get 8 of the broodlings for “Broodling Essence” by using the device on them before you attack them.

12) Go to the cave at 94,31 and accept “A Taste of Flame” then give him the molt and hand the quest back in. SKIP the next part

13) Run back up to 65,23 and turn in “Tablet of the Seven” and “Broodling Essence” accept “Felnok Steelspring

14) Ride back to 84,68 and next to the griffin turn in “FIFTY! YEP!” and “Gor'tesh the Brute Lord” accept “Ogre Head On A Stick = Party

15) In front of the broken house, turn in “Dragonkin Menace” accept “The True Masters pt.1

16) Run up to the top of the mountin at 80,45 and click the soft dirt pile for “Ogre Head On A Stick = Party” then run back to 84,68 and turn it in

17)    Fly to Lakeshire and run to the town hall at 29,44 and turn in “The True Masters pt.1” accept “The True Masters pt.2

18)    Fly to SW

19)    Go to 78,18 into the SW keep and turn in “The True Masters pt.2” accept “The True Masters pt.3” then talk to the lady and then turn it back in and accept “The True Masters pt.4

20)    Fly back to Lakeshire and go to the townhall at 29,44 and turn in “The True Masters pt.4” accept “The True Masters pt.5

21) Fly to the Burning Steppes and turn in “The True Masters pt.5” when you land and accept “The True Masters pt.6

22) Run up to 64,23 and listen to ragged john then run back to 84,68 and turn in “The True Masters pt.6” I SKIP the next part, do it later if you’re worried about speed leveling. That was an easy 30k xp for doing nothing and your ony key chain is started.

23) You should be about 10k from 56, go grind until 5k on the orcs at 49,55