29) Once you get the crate run back to 31,45 Turn in ďWinterfall RunnersĒ an ambush will come from the lake, if u donít move from the tent they wonít aggro you. SKIP the next part unless you get a group

30) Hearth to Everlook

31) You should be 45-50% through 59. Now I make sure I got my mana bisquits and I start grinding until im 6600 to 60.Anywhere is fine where there is a lot of mobs Itís all a matter of preference. I choose the owl wing thicket at 64,62 or anything north of everlook. I like to kill the furlbogs for timbermaw rep also.

32) If you donít want to grind this large amount then do BRD, scholo, or strat. You have a lot of quests in those spots to do

33) Once youíre 6600 to 60 go to IF and turn in An Earnest PropositionĒ

34) Grats on 60