Hunting Questions & Answers

How safe is it on a Hunting Trip to South Africa?
Usually this is the first question people ask. As people living in the Eastern Cape South Africa we know that it is safe. Your safety is our highest priority, weather it will be in the bush during hunting or visiting our touring sites. 

Can my family come along? 
By all means. Depending on age of children arrangements can be made to accommodate. If your companion want to go with you to take pictures of hunting (of your hunt), it can also be arranged. 

Are bugs and mosquito’s a problem?
They are not a problem. (no malaria mosquitos) but bringing some insect repellent will be advised.

Normally 10% at most places. 

What animals are most commonly hunted? 
We specialise in the hunting of kudu, hunting of impala, blesbuck hunting, springbuck hunting, bushbuck hunting, grey duiker hunting and the hunting of steenbuck

Firearms and ammo?
We prefer that you bring the firearm that you are use to. This can be arranged with any airline. Firearms can also be rented at
Iliwa Safaris

Clothes to bring with?
Clothes should be of neutral colour. A windproof jacket is essential as well as a warm sweater. A good pair of hiking boots and a warm jacket for evenings and early mornings is also needed. A lightweight rain jacket and hat is recommended. Short pants will also come in handy.
Range finder 
Lip ice
Sun block

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