Illumination Drama Ministries

Our Beliefs

  • First and foremost, we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that each person has a talent to share.
  • We believe that all talents are a gift from God.
  • We believe that each of us has a purpose in life. Our purpose is to share our knowledge and wisdom of  Theatre to help others fully develop their own talents.
  • We believe the Will of God should be placed before the will of man.
  • We believe in ministering through the dramatic medium.
  • We believe in 'learning through production' and as such there is never a fee to be in a production. 
  • We believe in Theatre as a means of instilling confidence, creativity and mental discipline.
  • We believe that any production or effort, no matter the size, should be done with the highest degree of professionalism.   
  • We believe that actions can speak louder than words... and our actions should be supported by words of grace, love, respect and wisdom.
  • We believe that, because we are a ministry, God has called us to work with people of all ages and races regardless of past experience, and to labor at nurturing our God -given talents for His Glory.

Our Creed:
      Heavenly Father, help us to use
      To the fullest extent, all the many talents
      You have so graciously bestowed upon us.

Our Purposes:
      We offer a free service assisting Churches in developing full drama ministries. We also provide scripture-based "royalty-free" powerful plays and skits as well as providing a free "How To Begin A Drama Ministry" booklet. There is never a fee for our services.


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