'Beard Pullers' (adaptation from Book of Durrow)

(18cm x 12cm)

June's Celtic Art

Hello, and welcome to my Celtic artwork and crafts site. 

Most of the pieces displayed here are painted directly onto rough wood and then textured with 'gold' effects and other surfaces. This gives them a very tactile feel. Each piece is also unique – no two are ever the same. Even when I reuse the same design I'll always change the colours/decorative effects and so on. I also tend to use rich/bright ‘Eastern’ colour schemes, so I think this tends to make the pieces look quite different from the usual Celtic crafts. As much of the original artwork had its origins in the East and were then later brought to the Celtic Church in Ireland, England and Scotland, I think I am just bringing them back to their earliest roots - artistic license with some basis in reality.

I enjoy working on them very much and some people have even bought them off me so they seem to like them as well. They have been bought by people of all backgrounds, so they appeal beyond the scope of those of Irish or Scottish heritage. I find painting these pictures to be very therapeutic and relaxing. They can also range from the size of a postcard to a large framed centerpiece depending on how ambitious (or not!) I am feeling when I begin each piece. They all have their own personality  - and why not.

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This is just a small sample of the work I have done thus far and I hope you find this site enjoyable and I intend to include regular updates - so I hope you’ll make repeat visits to this site. This is not a commercial website, but if you want drop me a line with any questions or comments you might have on the pieces displayed on these pages then please do.