August 26, 2003
AIIIIIYAAAA!!!!! I haven't blogged in such a long time! Sorry to all those I have kept bored around here...! B) heeehaaa! Well, guess what? I MOVED TO TORONTO! ^-^' Now I will learn how to settle down around in this new place...but the weather is a bit...different than when I was in Richmond! Oh well...^^- The plane flight was sooooo horrible...I don't like heights! BO! Oh well...B) At least I'm back...! I plan to get hosted now that I registered to the time zone...B) I wonder who will host me...besides, I need to change my layout soon!

Hitomi-san played the flute in harmony as she evaporized into the air.

August 6, 2003
Hiya! I'm back! B) I'm going to link my pages...and take off hte poll page! I hope that is okay! Please check out my awards and about me section ! Thanks alot y'all! B)

Hitomi danced to a tune as she disappeared.

August 1, 2003
Hiya! How does this layout look like? I just started this blog today and began designing the layout around early afternoon. I hope at least somebody thinks it is pretty! B) I added a tagboard...also, I plan to add a comment thingy after my entries as well as set up an imood. As for the navigation...I still need to make the webpages and join more cliques, add more adopatables, design and etc. Whoh! Quite a load of things to do...but I really want to get hosted. Since I already know FTP, maybe I should move out of geocities quickly. Sometimes ads and popups are annoying...=.=+!! But...I guess I'll end my entry here...maybe I should apply for hosting! Haha! Who knows? =)

Hitomi sang a song as she vanished.

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