Pheasants and Poultry
Welcome to Illusion's Pheasants and Poultry. You just opened our new site!!!
Here at our farm we raise ornamental pheasants and Cochin bantams.Also, we have other birds but at a limited quantity. Check back frequently. We always have surprises!!!!
We raise all our stock in a healthy and happy environment. Our belief is if your hens and roosters are happy, then they will produce fertile eggs. Nutrition, environment, and attention plays a big role in healthy chicks at our farm.Everyone of our chickens are allowed to free range four times a week.
     All of our birds are of good quality. As of now, we cannot say they are show quality because we have not shown yet. A lot of breeders will say their poultry is show quality but they have never shown them. Here at Illusion's Pheasants and Poultry, we back up our words with fact. This summer of 2004 will be our first year to show. So keep checking back for a list of awards that we receive. 
     Some of our ornamental pheasants that we raise include: reeves, yellow golden, red golden, and silver pheasants. This year our pheasants will start laying but due to young breeders we will have very few chicks for sale. Next year we should have a bigger quanity to offer.
     We also offer Cochin Bantams. So far we have black, blue, buff, partridge, white, and Silver Laced.  At Illusion's we raise both smooth and  frizzles. If you are interested in frizzles please email us so we can put you on our list. This year our supplies of frizzles will be limited. All though, next year we will have more to offer, since we will have several new additions. These additions consist of white, black, partridge, blue, and splash frizzles.
     We have other varieties of chickens and some different gamebirds. Some will be added to our farm this year. If you are interested , keep checking our price list for surprises we may have available in the near future.

Here is a pic. of my cochin chicks. Picture taken by my daughter.
2004 Price List
Smooth Cochins: All colors
Chicks, St run, smooth--$3.00 each

Started, More than 2 weeks old--$5.00 a rooster and $7.00 per pullet
Frizzled Cochins: All colors
chicks, St run, frizzled--$4.00 each

Started, More than 2 weeks old--$6.00 a rooster and $8.00 per pullet
Pheasant chick, St run only

Sorry at this time I do not have any pheasant chicks. I do have some eggs in my incubator. Please check back or email me to get on a list. I can not promise you that I can fill your order. I will try.
Miniature Horses--Herd Reduction Sale!! Due to health problems I am going to sell twenty miniature horses. All of them are breeding age and some have thrown foals already. If interested please email me and I will send you a price list. Also pictures on request. Thanks
We have feathers for sale!! For all your craft and fly fisherman out there.
COMING SOON!!!!!! Guineas,quail, Royal Palm Turkeys, and Silkies
We are the Steeles. Michael, Tomzie, Skylar, and Tristen. We live in the Lone Star State. Texas!!! Our favorite hobbies include: Raising poultry and pheasants, camping, fishing, horse back riding, and rock hounding. If you have any questions please feel free to email us. We love to  meet other poultry fanciers.
Always wanted a miniature horse? Here is your chance. Several head of horses for sale. Contact me soon because they will not last!!!!
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