Title History

3X TWE Tag Team Championship:
W/ Mike Dell (01/19/05 to 01/26/05)
Spector pinned "Showtime" Summers. Dell pinned Darin Childs.
Lost titles to "Showtime" Summers & Darin Childs.

W/ Darin Childs (02/13/05 to 05/01/05)
Defeated "Showtime" Summers & Big Dogg (subbing for Mike Dell) in Pharr, TX.
Lost titles to Big Dogg & Quinton Allen.

W/ Darin Childs (06/15/05 to 08/28/2005)
Defeated El Latino & Rudy Russo in San Antonio, TX.
Lost titles to "The Texas Treats" Don Juan & Chris Marval.

AWA/IBW Southwest Heavyweight Championship:
(06/27/04 to 07/16/04)
Awarded title.
Title Abandoned. The AWA/IBW changed their name to AAWA (All American Wrestling Alliance) and this AWA title was dropped.

GCPPW Cruiserweight Championship:
(03/26/05 to ?)
Defeated Rocco Carmanooch in Port Neches, TX.
Stripped of title.

2X RCW Tag Team Championship:
W/ Wally Darkmon(06/24/05 to 08/05/05)
Defeated Texas Treats on RCW KCWX segment in San Antonio, TX.
Lost titles to "The Texas Treats" Don Juan & Chris Marval.

W/ Andy Dalton (03/10/05 to 09/09/07)
Defeated Mike Foxx & Scott McKenzie in San Antonio, TX.
Lost titles to "Texas Treats".

QFC Cruiserweight Championship:
(09/30/05 to 11/25/06)
Awarded vacant title by Lord Stephen Asteroth.
Lost title to Mr. B in Austin, TX.

RCW Ring King:
(12/02/06 to 05/19/07)
Defeated Quinton Allen. Lost Crown to Marty Cone in San Antonio, TX.

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