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Isn't there that one moment in your life that you'll never forget? Some only have one, but others are blessed with many. For me, this may just be one of those. I'm closing Illusive Ideas Reviews... For the Moment. I have a few more i need to finish and a layout that i've just finished that i'm real proud of. My best yet.
I'm now looking for someone to take it for me. My life has gone crazy, and I can't do this anymore. Amazing how it only lasted a year eh? But it was a great one, and I give MAJOR thanks to all the authors that submitted thier work for reviewing. And although I'll be gone, I want this tradtion to continue. No Grades. No Marks. No Bull. Just Feedback and Criticism.
So if you're interested, let me know @ illusiveideas@yahoo.com and i'll take you through the test. There's also a AUGUST 31st DEADLINE. If no one is... well... i'll let the memory live on in hopes of someone continuing it. So in the words of EVE6,
Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well...
Here's to tonight.
Here's to the tears we knew we'd cry
Here's to goodbye...
Tomorrow's gunna come too soon...

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