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IL-NIAD celebrates National Iguana Awareness Day

Saturday, Sept. 9 2000 was the second annual National Iguana Awareness Day. In Decatur, Illinois, IL-NIAD and the Chicago Herp Society's "Iguana Squad" teamed up to do an educational afternoon outside of the main entrance of Scovill Children's Zoo in Decatur. We distributed care sheets, talked to kids and to iguana owners and provided children with educational coloring pages and search-a-word puzzles. In other parts of Illinois and around the country, hundreds of NIAD volunteers headed out to pet shops, libraries, zoos, schools and other appropriate locations to share the correct info on good green iguana care.


Do You Know?

  • Do you know that green iguanas can grown to a length in excess of five feet?
  • Do you know that green iguanas are vegetarians and are foliovores in their natural habitat?
  • Do you know that grenn iguanas are rainforest creatures?
  • Do you know that captive green iguanas have specific lighting, temperature and humidity requirements required for good health?


No matter what state or country you are in, you can get involved with NIAD


The IL-NIAD Adoption Page
Why go to a petstore when there are plenty of iguanas in need of good homes? Click here to find out about iguanas available for adoption in Illinois and how you can qualify to adopt one.

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Links to care information and practical tips on green iguana husbandry. Information on qualified iguana veterinarians as recommended by IL-NIAD members.

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