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AVRIL Site!!
just click on the pic below!
Update: Another TOTALY awesome girl sent me a letter!!! Since I'm super busy right now it is currently posted in page three of your thoughts section! Read it!! bwhahaha!

Update: Avril Movie is Confirmed, and it is hinting that Avril may play the part. Check out J-14 for more Details.

Sorry, I'll post more later, I'm trying to get a decent website put up, and I've been busy with summer. Just needed to show you this, the most annoying site ever:


They are like Avril, these people!!! It is very, very sad. The disease is spreading!!! Its like "The Thing" or something. Oo0o0 or that really creepy video game, "Extermination" for PS2, where the disease is spreading and everyone is turning into evil, bloodsucking zombies!!! Or like 28 Days Later!!! We could turn Avril into a horror film!! ^^

Updates: Well, the website isn't SOO bad, but some parts are absolutly unbareable......

Wow, I have nooo time.