Holidays with European Twist


HOLIDAYS! FUN! TRADITION! Take your choice of Christmas, St. Patricks Day, or Mother's Day. Learn about Ireland and Scotland, Hungary, or join me in the Heartland.

Updates for this section:
There is a great deal new in the Celtic section. A Welsh page,the pages divided up for shorter load times without losing any of the beautiful celtic designs and music. My Scottish Connection, with pictures of my family and coming info on the clans of the MacDougall and MacDonald. The Hungarian portion was similarly redesigned, and pictures and commentary of my trip there included.


My Christmas pages and all their festive ideas for celebrating the holiday have moved to their own domain: Loving Christmas!, see you there. Or go directly to Christmas in Ohio

Mother's Day
(Hungarian style)

My Celtic Page
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The Scots
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The Welsh
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My Scot Connection

And NOW!Mothers Day-new addition