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The Land of Gazelles, Gazelland Magazine 3 (MUSIC) is taking shape and its result will be beautiful. It has been said that 'music' can be a guide to one's soul, well we will not got that far in this issue, but we will expose 25 profiles of the bands, singers and DJs that are a presence in our scene. With a touch of fashion and own style, the photos of the artists that I already received for the magazine are superb. Above, singer performer Jonte(New York), DJ Johnny Luxo(Sao Paulo) and band leader Stefan(London) gives us a simple taste about what is to come. I would like to point out that these photos will not be in the magazine, these are just some shots sent to me for selection.
   With names like Yr Mum Ya Dad, Larry Tee, Peter Glam and The Buttfuckers, Rise NYC, The Ones...the Gazelland Music Issue will be again a publication that you will need to treasure it and keep it in a safe place to be appreciated in the future as well as in the present, I strong believe that the magazine can be look at as a party on paper, since the faces featured in it are of our friends and people we have fun with. With limited edition, Gazelland will be available for purchase at the web site Of course there will be some parties in New York and London where some copies will be available.
  If everything goes on schedule it will be ready for printing by the first week of May, and I would like to thank in advance Nicky London, Patrick McDonald, Sidonio Costa, Tallula Blu and Michael Musto for their articles.
  We are.. Therefore We Project!