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I was born in Iran and left the country during Iran -Iraq war, we were being bomborded  3 times a day by   Iraq war planes,
my mother took me and my brother to London and put us up  in  elemntary school there, it was 1983, and London was  at the peak of its colorful new wave revolution. I was obsessed with  Smash Hits and Number One so I could get articles on Boy George (my favorite artist ) Visage and the other eccentric characters , things  were so fresh and exciting, than we moved to LA  and I studied fashion, art history ,photography and makeup. My  big influnce was  the persian history and the amazing customs  that had been used   there during its ten thousand years of  history, I knew that the new romantics  were very inspired by the persians as they use to wear the persian tunic, the sash, the haram pants and all kinds of head wraps, designers like Melissa  Caplan and Sue Clowes  were a testimony to that notion. 
After  finishing school I moved  to NY,  I became involved in the night life and worked at certain clubs, it was a great chance for me to express all the ideas that I had kept with me through out the  years, the scene  however did change  subsequently  and it somewhat lost its edge   and was not exciting to me anymore . Everything in NY  became sort of regimented ,and designers like Calvin Klein , Donna Karan , and Ralph Lauren dictated what people wore, so it was time to move on .
I have always been the sort of person to travel and  experience  new things ,so I lived and worked in DUBAI for a while and now Im back in  Tehran (iran)  where I had left so long ago ,  it was a great experience to be back to this ancient land . Im going to  contiue with my passion for what i do best and  use all the great inspirations that are available to me here