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Current occupation and/or title?
FagHaggin electrotrashin party girl, clothes
deconstructor, door whore, model, muse, photographer,
illustrator, dancer, superstar and a witch all at
once. A ton of make-up over a ton of drama in decadent
absurd stage show with a bad ending.

Inspiration ?
I try not to study other creators, because that
launches a danger of subconscious plagiarism. But I'm
inspired by abstractions, like aesthetics of the
gutter, art terrorism, dreams, ballet, hedonism,
hysterical violins, my extreme condition of
agalmatophilia and the obituaries of Warhol
Superstars. Tokyo inspires the hellfire out of me.
Objective ?-
I came to London for my summer holiday when I was 18 -
it was like poetry to me, I could kiss London's
pavements blessed with holy footsteps of my dead idols
like Oscar Wilde and Ziggy Stardust. Also there were
boys in makeup and pearl strings, that did it for me,
I quit uni and moved to the city of Trash'n'Glamour
shortly afterwards. My aspiration is the very
existence of a Superstar in self-proclaimed fame and
drug-induced haze: iconic, glamorous, deranged and
useless; to be adored, copied, slagged off and
forgotten. I'm just a work of my own art.

Where do see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
I hope I'm rich and famous running a Warhol's Factory
type establishment in London, but most likely I'll end
up being a deranged Madame in a cathouse of fabulous