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The Fantasy Face Concept By Way Bandy
Fashion has to do with dreams. It should not be analyzed too much. Those who create and interpret trends and styles into fashion do so for pleasure, for fantasy, because they cannot help it.  The deeper thrusts of psychological motivations may be uncovered, discovered by those who have ignored their talents, who have not yet revealed their creative impulses and who therefore must attempt to examine the source of creativity and the joy of being – those who bring darkness to shadow the light.When a cosmetic design begins to surface as popular fashion, one can know that somewhere a dream was dreamed and consciously realized by cosmetic paints styled on a face in the mood and manner of the subconscious fantasy. So I choose to use the colors usually associated with the twilight of dreamland – mauve, purple, soft blues, pinks, rose, gray – in presenting to you a design considered by many to be extreme to the point of unattractiveness – deathly, strange, cold and ghoulish. For others, this cosmetic design will have great appeal.  The clothing and fragrance worn with The Fantasy Face should have mystical overtones: a Gothic, penetrating “blue” fragrance with soft edges – one that haunts the wearer, that disturbs others and inspires curiosity. Clothing of soft, movable, drifting fabrics colored by the moon in mysterious tints that chill the imagination, awaken the viewer to enchantment – organdy, chiffon, slipper satin, taffeta draped and flowing in a mist of Impressionist palette.The Fantasy Face has no hard edges. Every color is blended until it becomes a tint. And still the strength abides. The design attracts not by strong lines but by choice of coloration and placement and technique of application. Its strength lies in the whole. Do not plan to go out the first time you attempt to apply this design. This one takes practice (unless you are already a cosmetic artist familiar with these techniques). You must work to perfect these application techniques. Because the face is contrived and complicated, it is imperative that hair be minimally important.  A small, neat hair style or even a wrapped, perhaps jeweled head will be most suitable with The Fantasy Face.

Way Bandy Fantasy Face can be found in his book Styling Your Face