God Bless America
After the tragic 9/11 alot of people were hurt, saddened, angered, and some were even confused. Alot of things that happen in the world today or just turning on the news, you could say, wow this is boring. But When 9/11 happened i can almost guarantee that almost every house all over the country had there tv on with the news on. Alot of people wanted to be close to there families, and for some people that was able to happen, But for others, it would never happen again. You may not know a person that was in the world trade center when it happened, but everybody knows a person that knows a person, and so on. I remember watching the news and i was like why would someone do this, how? I had so many questions, and the news was giving me the answers that i wanted, i didnt know what to do. All you could do was talk to someone around you. When we were watching the news i was scared, not for me but the people, and for the peoples who's families would have to suffer. I was watching the news and kept seeing the same thing over and over again it was surreal. I was watching people jump from buildings. They were either jumping to die quicker so that they wouldnt have to live in misery or they were jumping because they thought they would make it. Alot of Charities were made. In our school we were giving things away. I remember when i was bringing money into school. My mom said that she would match my price. So i ended up takin 80 dollars to school, i gave 40 dollars to my school and we gave all of the money to the wtc funds, i am not sure which one, but it was great!! I mean i was only 13 years old, and i was glad i could help. On september 11th, our lives abruptly stopped. We didnt know where to go from there. I know that when George Bush(2) was elected, alot of people hated him. When September 11th happened, he was a leader. A strong man that would fight for our country. And soon instead of people cursing him out, they were proud to have George Bush has our President.  The Sad part of all of this is well that so many peoples lives were taken, but also that it took such a horrible tradgedy to bring everybody together. My aunt was in New York when this happened, she saw everybody helping out, somebody even helped her out, she fell down and 2 men came and helped her up. When all of this happened there was such kindness. I cant go anywhere without seeing a " I Love America" or "God Bless America" bumber sticker or a sticker in the window of somebody's car. It took such a horrible thing to bring out such patriotism. September 11th is something that will stick in our minds for the rest of our lives.we will never forget September 11th. We will be telling our kids and grandkids about this one day when they are learning about it in school .This is the WORST thing that has EVER happened to AMERICA. Pearl Harbor was bad, but alot of the people that died in Pearl Harbor were not Savilians(i dont know if i spelt that right). The WTC nobody knew what they were going into, they didnt show up to work as soldiers ready to fight, they showed up to work, just like regular people do. Its making me cry right now writing this. People are so cruel yet so kind. 9/11 shows that. The people that did this to all of AMERICA are the cruel people. Everybody that helped is kind!! Even different countries helped out. People carrying elderly and disabled, and just helping people. And even the people that werent in the news and did help someone, they know there hero's and thats all that matters. A freaky thing which is kinda freaky but not so freaky is that the twin towers was knocked down on 9/11, look at the 11 what does that remind you of? It reminds me of the twin towers. I just wanted to get my word about 9/11 in. Please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think, i cant wait to hear from you guys!!!
One last word in:  i love you America, i will always love you America, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
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