hiya! welcome to my lil space on tha net,make yourself at home. I invite you to tag my tagboard and sign my guestbook! And if you take something to kindly link back!ill really apreciate it:D

september 10: O.O i did it again...I SWEAR im gonna update soon! XD im working on a doll and i gotta finish up a base set that ive been doing since april o.o;;;;; XD btw check my deviantart, theres stuff there o.o;;

April 18: so yes my loves, not exactly a real update...just wanted to say that I FINALLY added the guestbook! so yeah be nice and go sign it! :P

April 17: yaaaaay vivi didnt take hundreds of years to update!!!!!! and hopefuly i wont for a while cuz ive got a few things on the works ^.^ like new bases woots!! so yes enjoy(if u like it that is o.o;)this for now :D, btw base by me woot

base by me im so proud of this doll o.o i think its her hair!

April 1: O.O omg...vivi updated...must be april fools! oh why yes it is! wowzers.....enyways lol yayy finally made a doll woot woot enjoy...base exclusive to El Palacio de las Pixelitas, and...wow i won an site of the month award!!!!!! insane in the membrane i tell you yep yep...well thats it for now..oooh added two more contest entries to what i could call the longest running contest evarrrrrr >.< im lazy sorry...so yeah theres this one entry wich i lost info of so...i guess i cant enter it..so if u sent me one and dont see it ...email me :) well thats it now...check out the new doll..oohh and check out my Deviantart page!..ooh i also added a new link button ^.^ that goes with this layout

base by El Palacio de las Pixelitas, i love this doll! WOWZERS I WON SITE OF THE MONTH!!!!! THANKS Fox and Ghost ^.^

January 16: HALLEHLUYAH!!!!!!!!! VIVI UPDATED!! o.o wow its been long huh :S i feel embaressed that during this long long time ive only done 1 doll :S:S:S:S:S oh well o.o ive done more than that lol but its all in my deviant art account, thats just the new drawings ....so yea onto the dolls! the first one was made in september but i was way to lazy to update o.o;;;; so yea that ones base comes from pinkland, the second one is the new one woot! and base by me ^.^, so thats it, o.o hope my next update wont take as long as this one took o.o;;;;;;

base by pinkland base by me ^.^ first doll i made in like 4 months O.O

September 4: today ish my niece's first birthday! woot lol ok now onto business, added a dollie made with my hearty base ^.^ aaaaand a NEW BASE!! lol called Ari ^.^ hope u like her :D

August 15; well o.o figured i had to update, since its my last day of freedom and o.o the last of my non college days o.o;;; yes ill b going to university tomorow and im scared to death :D so heres the updates! two revamped bases woot! 2 dolls base by Shouri and one last doll made for a friend..yesh she loves Davey Havok incase u didnt recognise him o.o since the "tatoos" look horrid o.o sorry, i tried my best ^.^; base by Autumn Pixels

July 17:added 2 new dolls!! first one, yet again, its a weird one folks, base by SCAsecond one, base by me ^___^

July 12: added a new dollie! o.o its a weird one lol, base by ILCK

July 8: woot two new dolls, one that has been in my hard drive for a while and forgot to put, shes got no base btw, and the second one is base by me

July 1: NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.o; yep finally....*sigh* i was sick of the red already, not inuyasha mind you,just the red, ......well, the new layout features a mermaid that i made!yep yep, ok onto the dolls,first one base by the Underground,second one by Shouri oh an the new siteguardian's base is by Angy Chan

June 11: well heres the deal guys, im going on vacation till the 26th so well...yeap, no updates till then, xpect a new layout soon too :D

May 8: made a doll woot! wich im xtremely proud of because its all pixel shaded ^.^; base by Shouri.

April 10: made another av for a friend ^___^a random flower girl, base by pinkland and an entry for Kawaii Hannah's pallette contest

April 6: made another pose for the hearty base!! and added a hogwarts dollie

March 25:just added some links ^___^

March 23: O.O; yikes, havent updated in more than a month o.o; oh well I DID NOW! o.o;;;;;; added a dollie, a new misc section for stuff that doesnt qualify as dolls(avs for my friends) and a new pose for the hearty base!! woots!

February 16: wooot made another dollie, first one on my new base! woots!

February 14: happy valentines day everyone!!!! added a new version of the hearty base, smaller and pixel shaded! go check it out ^___^

February 6: woot! made an underground theme! tis my fav time period, when mermaids ruled the 7 seas!! or i at least i thought they did o.o;;;; base by precious pixels kh

January 31: updated!!!! lazy bum ive been o.o;;;;(aahh! talking backwards i am!!) just one dollie base by ILCK

January 18: wooot! updated!!!!!added a fan art and 3 dollies check em out...bases from Catusiana, Shouri and ILCK

December 31: finally after much delay the lotr awards have been posted!!*dodges flying bricks* heh o.o; yea i guess ive been really lazy o.o; ok enywayz, added a pixel shaded doll! woot! base by pinkland

December 30: added two sis site banners and a few gifties ^_^

December 27:yes another update, a lil one though, just added a new link button ^+^

December 26: wooohooo! another update, yep its another portrait base^__^

December 25: WOOT! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Wooot! hope u have a great day!! well now on to business...YAY new LAYOUT AT LAST!!!hope u guys like it ^__^ in addition to that, theres a bunch of new stuff including a new base! woot! bases from Starlight and Kiwi

December 15: made another Inuyasha related dollie ^_^ this time hes only half pixel shaded, the girl is Nila,one of my rp characters, base by Splendid

November 20: wooooooo i made my friend grace aka penny_lane an av!!! woo im so proud of it, i keep staring at it an all heh btw base by starlight

November 8: wow been long since my last update o.o; almost a month >.< ive been lazy and very busy with tha dreaded school ..but OH WELL i finally managed to update..one dollie thou and...ITS INUYASHA!!! *dies*

October11: *GASPS* whats this! another update!! well tis not much i just added 2 contest entries an award and a giftie..oh well il make some dolls soon b patient, yes i kno i suck

October 10: woot i updated! two dollies! my hogwarts rp character Nila!^__^

september 28:FINALLY!! an updatee!!lol i said that last time too o.o oooh well just one dolliee too lazy to do more right now

september 13: wow finally! an update! no biggie thou, just one doll^__^ ill update more soon

august 18:added a smaller version of the kissing base! won an award for the mermaid contest!go see it!, also, added a giftie from my sis terra!

august 15: added some games to the funstuff page! so if ur bored go there n waste yer time! i think their cool:D:D

august 10: added a new doll! well sort of, its like an av or sumthing, its for the underground blue pages

august 7: added a new base! made totally from a scratch!

august 6: New layout! added a bunch of stuff, a few gifts, Kingdom Hearts contest entries and all these dollies, and a new sis site!Kerry!hope the long wait was worth it:D