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My Cats
  Hello and Welcome to my website all about cats.   This website that i have made is dedicated to my lovely three cats Pepper, Salt and Sugar, you'll find pictures on the page all about them.
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Cat Stories
7th May 2004 - Hello all. Not been able to get on the internet for a bit but now i have my own computer maybe i might be able to update my site a bit more often. Had a baby girl in November last year that is now 5 1/2 months old. Because i had a baby i had to get rid of me male cat Pepper :(
25th May 2003 - Hello everyone im gonna start using this page to put posts on of what i get up to.   I've not been on for some time as my internet has been down so now its back up i thought i would use this chance to update my site ....
Enjoy!!!!  Oh yes and sugar the kitten, we no longer have, she went to my b/f parents
- Since 13th November 2002
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