to dearieos~
up late tonight
wanna grab a bite
and something cold to drink
pour, gulp, then in the sink

but then i realize
that to myself i lied

cuz all im hungry for
is more and more
of ur tender, loving care.
cuz the way you play with my hair,
and the way ask me 'bout my day
the way you scream "yAy!"
and the way u look in my eyes
does far more for my hunger than any McPie.

And all im thirsty for
is being able, forevermore,
to put that smile on ur face
and to always have that special place
in ur big, warm, and loving heart
(despite my burps, whines, and farts)

So instead I'm staying right here
No longer any thoughts of what shirt to wear,
or of fetching that midnight snack.
And hence the insomniac
Chose to write this little poem to you
And post it on Yahoo!
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