October 2003
Things That Make You Go "Huh" *
October 1, 2003: t
Caller on Rock Hudson:  So what I'm wondering is if anyone can possibly name any of his past gay lovers.
Larry:  Well, we had one that was famous because he appeared on this show and he sued Rock. Appearing on Larry King Live is now the key proof of fame.
Caller on Rock Hudson:  So what I'm wondering is if anyone can possibly name any of his past gay lovers.
Larry:  Well, we had one that was famous because he appeared on this show and he sued Rock. Did he not, Dale?
Hudson publicist Dale Olson: That's absolutely true.
Larry:  And won that suit?
Olson:   He did win the suit.
Larry:  And he was the one that had lived with Rock and did -- he won the suit because Rock didn't tell him he had AIDS?
Olson:   That's true.
Larry:  Was that one of the low features of the story of Rock Hudson?
Olson:   I think that probably was a very low..
Larry:  It's hard to believe that Rock Hudson, tomorrow, will be gone 18 years. Boy, time flies. Time flies when you're having fun.
October 6 , 2003: t
Welcome to this very special edition of Larry King Live concerning the near tragedy -- and might still be a major tragedy -- that occurred in Las Vegas late last week. Getting your neck broken by a tiger is just a near tragedy.
Larry: Now let's assemble our panel. In the Wildlife Center at Jupiter, Florida, is Jack Hanna, the host of Jack Hanna's Admirable -- nimal Adventures.
Larry: Jack, you have a white tiger, don't you, Taj, raised by Jack Hanna and his wife?
Larry: Let's reintroduce our panel. In Wild -- in Jupiter, Florida at the wildlife center is Jack Hanna the host of TV's Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, the director emeritus, Columbus Zoo.
Larry: And Cheryl Gardner, the head prototech -- pyrotechnician for the Siegfried and Roy show
Caller: Yes. I was wondering if, what will happen now to the lion? Is he -- he's in quarantine now. Will he be disposed of or will he go to a sanctuary? And our prayers are with everybody involved.
Larry: Does anyone know? Tippi, do you know what they'll do with the lion?
Tippi Hendren : Yes, I do. Yes -- I do -- with the tiger you mean?
Larry: Yes, with the tiger, I'm sorry. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
October 7, 2003: t
Larry on the California recall:
Mayor Riordan, was it a little personal on your part since the governor did ran -- run a race that involved your primary race?
Larry: In Boston, David Gergen, editor-at- large U.S. News and World Report and professor of public service. And director of the Center for Public Leadership at the J.F. School For Government.
Larry: Why, Richard, for Arnold is elected, why didn't grope-gate work? Grope-gate: I invented a term!
Richard Riordan: You had president Clinton, you know, being unfaithful to your wife in the Oval Office. Larry's wife? Riordan's wife? Is Monica Larry's secret 25th wife?
Riordan: You had president Clinton, you know, being unfaithful to your wife in the Oval Office is a little bit different than what Arnold did. Not that I would accept what Arnold did as good, but the bottom line is, people want a leader who's going to run the country, run the state well and I think that's why they'll go for Arnold. Sexual assault is nothing compared with a blowjob in the Oval Office...
October 9, 2003: t
Larry: In Los Angeles, the writer Allison Samuels, been a long-time national correspondent for Newsweek and she wrote the Newsweek cover story "Kobe off the Court" and she has covered Kobe extensively since he's become a professional in the National Football (sic) League. You will remember that Larry writes a weekly column on sports, he's such a great fan.
October 16, 2003: t
Larry: How come you never knew your biological father?
Wynonna Judd: How can I say this? I think people were really worried about my finding out because I was so close to Ashley's father, who was my dad growing up.
Larry: He raised you?
Judd: His parents were the light of my world and still are.
Larry: So Ashley's your stepsister.
Judd: No. We're the same mother.
Larry: Half-sister. Same mother.
Judd: Yes.
Larry: Half-sister.
Judd: Yes. I hate that word.
Larry: "Step" is -- yes, "half" is...
Jeeze. Larry's created enough of the things.
October 20, 2003: t
Larry: We begin tonight with a shocking story out of London, the story that Princess Di predicted or feared her death in a car crash, the letter printed in The Daily Mirror today. In fact, just a couple of moments ago, I spoke with Paul Burrell, who'll be a guest on this program, I believe, next week. It comes from his book. There you see a portion of the letter. We'll read you a portion of it. Robert Lacey, what's been the reaction?
Royal panelist Robert Lacey: Well, the reaction is that -- your first thought, that this cannot be true, the letter must be a forgery, is not, in fact, the case. There's no doubt she wrote down this extraordinary prophecy as to what was going to happen to her. She enters the realms of Nostradamus. But then the questions start. If in this letter she says -- as, indeed, her own handwriting says -- someone -- and the name is at this moment in time blocked out -- or something -- what's blocked out might be "the government" is planning to do this -- if she wrote that down and Burrell knew that she had written it down -- this is something you might care to ask him, Larry, next week -- if he had a piece of paper on which Diana says someone's plotting a car crash, why didn't he reveal it when she died? Why didn't he give it to the authorities. There's a lot of questioning here about the motives for the timing.

October 21, 2003: t
Larry to Sarah Ferguson: You are major mother.

Larry: Tampa, Florida, hello.
Tampa Dude: Yes, Larry. My question for Sarah Ferguson is regarding, would you ever consider combining Weight Watchers in your children's books to perhaps teach adults and children about the problems of obesity and overweight and the health risks that combine with that?

October 29, 2003: t
Larry: Tampa, Florida. Hello.
Tampa Dude: Yes, Larry. My question is based on a recent report by Nancy Grace that Scott Peterson has received a plethora of letters from women showing support and love. Is this truly a case of things that make you go, "Huh?!"
Things that make you go "huh" in the night.
Caller: Larry, I have a question and then a statement. Very important. I've never heard this before.
Larry: We want to do the statement first?
Caller: Can you hear me, Larry?
Larry: Do the statement first.
Caller: The statement?
Larry: Yes.
Caller: The statement is, what does this have to say about -- can you hear me?
Larry: Yes!
Caller: What does it say about Scott Peterson? I have never seen, in a press conference, or anything where it shows Scott's parents any support from his brothers. What does that say? Because Amy and in Laci's brother always there to support the mother, but Scott's five brothers are never on the scene. What does that -- what statement are we getting from that?
Larry: Is that Ted? What do you make of it?

October 30 , 2003: t
Larry: Dr. Lee, are you expected to testify at the preliminary hearing?
Dr Henry Lee: No. Larry, I'm not.
Larry: Are you attending at all?
Lee: As you know, you know, I cannot directly comment on the case...
Larry: That's right. You can't. You're under -- you're under...
Lee: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) involved and...
Larry: You're under -- you're under...
Lee: Right, right.
Larry: You can't speak.
Great guest!

Larry: Do you like the British system, Chris, where we couldn't be covering this tonight if it were in Great Britain? Please! Let Britain conquer the US!
Larry: Thank you, as always, Gloria. We'll call on you a lot. Gloria Allred, the attorney for Amber Frey and Scott Peterson's former girlfriend. Another one?!
Larry: Paul, when the accident occurred -- and you have a letter that says from Diana to you, "I'm sitting here at my desk in October, longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous and blacked out. Someone is planning an accident in my car. Brake failure, serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry." As soon as that accident happened, why didn't you go public with this letter?
Creepy Diana butler Paul Burrell: Well, because, quite frankly, put yourself in my shoes. All I wanted to do was to get to Paris and to take care of the princess. That was my duty -- to be there and to look at her. And that's what I did. And I was continuously looking out for the princess during that day. And then I came back to London with her and we went through the whole business of the funeral and the whole...
Larry:  All right then, how about right after the funeral? You've got a letter that could be a bombshell, Paul. Here's a letter that could be incriminating. You've got the names blacked out. But obviously there was a name or someone or an organization mentioned.
Burrell: Yes.
Larry:  Why didn't you go berserk? I mean, I would of -- look what I got here, folks. Look at this.
Burrell: Well, you know, because -- because, Larry, I had to think about it very carefully. I had to think about the security of my family and everybody around me. And, you know, I went to see the queen of Buckingham Palace and then she told me that warning and I was scared. And I didn't know what to do.
Larry:  Do you think your life would have been in danger?
Burrell: Well, I was frightened, yes. You see, at that time, the Spencers came in and they were shredding documents and -- what do I do with something as dynamite as that? I keep it safe. I keep secrets and I kept secrets for many, many years and still keep many secrets. Blablablabla nonsense blablabla bullshit blablabla...

Caller:  In an interview you said you thought that Diana would hate her resting place at Althorp. I was wondering where you think she would have wanted to rest in peace.
Burrell: Well, you know, I always thought the princess would like to be with people. I don't like to feel she's alone there in a very lonely, isolated place. Wouldn't it be nice to be in the middle of the Trafalgar Square or somewhere where everyone could come from all walks of life, all around the world and pay the tributes to the princess? Just replace Nelson's statue with Diana's tomb, that's OK.

Caller: Hi, Paul. How are you tonight?
Burrell: Very well, thank you.
Caller: That's good. I want to let you know I enjoy listening to you speak.
Burrell: Thank you.
Caller: I was wondering if either Princess Diana's boys or other members of the royal family asked to read the book before it was published to the rest of the world.
Burrell: No, no one did.
I seem to recall Buckingham Palcace asking for an advance copy. But pathetic Burrell is not averse to putting out one more lie.

Larry: It's kind of weird that people knock a book they haven't read. Before you knock anything, you should read it. Like you read guests' books before they come on the show? Give us a break Larry!

*This title comes from the October 29 show.
Here are some alternate titles for this month:
-- Time flies when Rock Hudson dies
-- Sarah Ferguson, major mother
-- Diana to be buried in Trafalgar Square