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Welcome to Jeep Master (¨~ĒG) web site.

I love everything about autos from driving it to customizing it. Check out my photo album. It also has some cool pictures of me, my friends, and my dog BoBo.

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This page is updated when ever I get the chance, so keep checking back!
Last updated on November 15, 2006.

Favorite Sites

This is the best site to find out about the gas prices in your local area. It's updated by members in your area. The index site is Here is the edmonton site

Auto News

Motor Trend - Motor Trend car magazine.

Motoring 2006 - Motoring 2006 TV show.

Motor Week - Motor Week TV show.

Car and Driver - Car and Driver magazine.

Road And Track - Road And Track magazine.

Car Point - Car Point magazine.

Car Guide - Car Guide magazine.

Jeep links - an excellent site of Jeep news, message board, tech info, performance parts/assesories links, photo gallery, and some cool Jeep icons too!

Dino Sava's Home Page - Tons of info on mods for speed and power. This is the place to make your more powerful. - The best message boards I've seen, plus tech info and trail trips. - great site of tech info and message boards. - Tech and mods info.

North American XJ Association - Tons of tech info and message boards.

Go Jeep Home Page - Lots of cool interior, exterior customizing stuff in this personal Jeep site.

MadXJ - A cool personal Jeep site.

Import Tuner - Import Tuner magazine.

NOPI - Top end performance products from cam gears to Nitrous boosters, sports petals to body kits & wings, and tons of hot pics.

DCsports - customize performance products.

Saleen - customize performance products.

HKS - customize performance products. Intakes, turbos, turbo timers, exhausts...

Stillen - customize performance products.

Erebuni - Body kits, ground effects, and wings for all kinds of cars and trucks.

What's hot and what's not!

Howard Forums - One of the best cell phone forums from tech info, mods, to free games/ringtones, etc.

Mobiledia - Latest news on the cell phone world.

Break - This has got to be the funniest site I found. It has thousands of funny and "interesting" video clips that people sent in for all to share. Some clips with adult contents. They post new videos almost everyday.

Lemonzoo - This is another funny video site. It has tons of video clips that people sent in for all to share. Updated daily.

Wimp - This is another site with tons of videos. Updated daily.

Much Music - Hottest hits and news from the music industry.

Urban Legends - To find out the truth of the latest news going around. From Dooms Day to hoax email chain letters.

Yahoo Clubs - Making friends all around the world.

Asian Avenue - Meeting Asian friends around the world.

Greeting Land - Posting comments and making friends from around the world.

Want to make some one really happy,
here are some really good greeting card sites. It's free!

Blue Mountain Arts - Greeting cards by Blue Mountain Arts - artistic cards.

Cards 4 You - Greeting cards by Cards 4 You - all cards, music videos.

E-greetings - Greeting cards by E-greetings - all cards, animations. - Lowest price perfume on the net, even with the hard to find ones too. Seriously, if you want perfume, this is the place to get it. Free US shipping too, too bad I live in Canada. :(

Free download software sites - All types of free softwares.

Majorgeeks - All types of free computer softwares to keep your computer on tip top shape.

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LinkShare Referral Program - You can make money by just adding a link in your web site. Check it out!

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