Noise Ratchet:
Why I
No, I'm not one of those girls that likes a band just because she thinks the lead singer is cute .  Here are the reasons why I think Noise Ratchet is so awesome:

1) Noise Ratchet plays songs about God in such a passionate, I don't know how to describe's like my soul feels it.

2) Any band that can get on stage and say "I cry 'cause Jesus loves me and He knows my heart" and "He is all I've ever wanted" has my vote.

3) Their music is powerful.  They do that thing where they pause for a second and then explode ("Away from you" pause explode "now").  I love that.

4) Although I don't know them personally, I've had a few words with all of 'em and they seem like pretty nice guys...and I've talked to people that do know them and have heard stuff like "awesome guys with hearts of gold".

5) They hang out before and after shows to talk to fans.

6) I can listen to their cd's over and over and not get tired of them.  They are seriously that awesome.

7) Their live show.  I love the way they play...Joel closes his eyes a lot and sometimes acts out the song...Danny, and Roger throw their guitars out during the pause-explosions (see #3)...Jon with his spins and moves...Brandon tosses his stick up and catches it sometimes.  They have so much energy.  You must see them live.

8) How I feel after seeing them play...I just can't stop talking about how awesome they are (ask my roommate or someone who has gone with me to one of their shows)

9) They are from southern CA, so I get to see them play a lot =)

10) A few years ago one of them gave my friend, Valerie, some Nerds at a show.

11)  I like their whole image...the clothes, the hair, etc.

12) I have good taste in of course I'm gonna love them.

13) Other reasons I can't think of go here.